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“MBC shopify plus development company integrated for us third-party applications and services, analytics setup to expand sales channels and markets, bringing new customers, providing users new interaction methods. The results exceeded our expectations: the conversion rate is high, and our clients are satisfied with our site!”

We are on duty for your success

When developing a Shopify store, a handful of things can go wrong. Are you sure you want to deal with all those things on your own? We bet you don’t. But MBC is ready to take it in hand!

The TBI Pro project was a challenge for us: not only did we take care of the store design and front-end implementation, but we also developed new features and integrated 3-party systems.

To ensure that everything in the store works correctly and brings the expected results, we set up Analytics and conducted all QA tests.

Expanding new markets is possible when you work with experts

Ready to conquer the world of e-commerce? Your online store must be developed so that adding new products and interacting with customers from different regions is possible.

It may be challenging. But TBI Pro relied on us, and we gladly accepted all the challenges. We developed a project plan and followed it to get the outcome TBI Pro expected.

  • Creating an online store from scratch (design and development included).
  • Integrating 3rd party systems, including virtual assistance and analytics.
  • Optimizing their website to ensure a high conversion rate.

Turning your Shopify website into an independent sales channel

An online store must ensure sales. Otherwise, this channel is useless for your business. For TBI Pro, we created a website that brings the results. And these results can be estimated in numbers.

One step closer to your success with our Shopify services

For TBI Pro, we implemented the following services:

  • Shopify theme development
    We create a theme design that is up to date now and will remain up to date for several
    years. This will help reduce costs on regular design updates and impress users with great UI
    and UX.
  • Shopify optimization
    A great website should be easily found online. It’s our job to optimize it in such a way that
    you enjoy more and more visitors! Also, we take care of the website's loading speed to get
    higher into the search engine ranking.
  • Shopify Virtual Assistants
    In many cases, 3-rd party integration is vital to equip the website with all tools that a
    customer may need. For TBI Pro, we integrated virtual assistants for better communication
    with visitors and additionally implemented other supplementary systems.

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The results we succeed



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