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One of the primary growth points and ways to enhance user experience with your product is Shopify custom app development. This platform is now great competition to App Store, and it's more targeted at clients with specific needs. We will help you to create Shopify app that reflects your business goals. We treat clients as our partners.Together with them, we develop strategy, ask questions to understand the core of their business and create a roadmap to success. Next, we write the code, and you get a solution for your company's tasks.

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Our Shopify App Development Services

We commit to the success of our clients as much as we commit to ours. Every app we deliver to our partners is a part of our history. We choose to create history together with our partners!

We build a team of like-minded specialists who work on a mutual result

We discuss goals, plans, strategies, and ideas

We ask relevant questions to find business-shaping answers

We share our experience in development and support

We help you to pave your road to success with Shopify application development.

We know how important your business data are. That is why we carefully migrate to Shopify and save all information, including categories, products, sales data, clients, orders, and business logic. We work only on a case-by-case basis. Also, to make migration more positive and easy, we cooperate with Shopify support.

Smart Bundle Public Shopify app

App for creating beautiful, converting bundles that help you to boost sales automatically

McSport Ireland about Shopify app development

“We needed to create Shopify app that allowed us to create bundles that would add the products individually to the shopping cart. We've researched a lot of apps, and they all just added unnecessary complexity. MBC Bundles fits like a glove for us, and the crew is very helpful when you need to clarify any questions you might have. The app is already driving up a lot of sales in our store.”

Paleksa about Shopify app development

“Very intuitive application and the most important, the support of this Shopify app development company is very reactive and delivers very clear help when you need it!”

Shopify private app development case App for Postfactum

App for offering customers personalized vitamins

“We hired MBC for Shopify app development that helps our users with a personalized choice of vitamins. This app helped us significantly increase sales, and additionally, our clients were absolutely satisfied with the gamification added to the site.”

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More than just execution

Custom Shopify app development is not a one-way track. Only if our partners and we have mutual goals, both of us get the results.  We fight for long-term partnership. To create an app for Shopify store is only one step on a long path to success. And we want to support you on each step of your growth.

How we build the process of Shopify application development

We help you avoid unnecessary errors and efforts in Shopify plus development. Yes, you can count on us! You get space and time to plan, evaluate and dream, while we polish all technical aspects for Shopify plus b2b. Together we develop a roadmap for your business. We define key points for growth, maximize your opportunities and minimize roadblocks along the way


First, we analyze business goals. Why exactly do you need Shopify customer service?

Developing MVP

Okay, we have a great idea for Shopify mobile app development. Now, it’s time to bring it to life. We consider clients’ goals and expectations to develop an app that will take sales to a new level and fulfill your business needs


When we create app from Shopify store, we also take care of publishing. With our help, the process is quick and smooth, and your site doesn't suffer some malfunctions

Building support team

A Shopify app can never function on its own. That’s why we provide our clients with full support for the apps we develop

Getting feedback

We know that clients are important to your business. And we want to make sure they are satisfied with the services they get

Maintaining and developing

When we create app for Shopify store, we keep analyzing its performance and generating ideas for improvement and development

10+ years of growing partnerships

We’re more than a Shopify app development agency. We are part of your team in Shopify app development. We strive for healthy partnerships. Your results are as important to us as ours. We work and grow together!

Over 10 years in
5 years in Shopify
90 successful projects in 2020


Our development experts. Always by your side

MakeBeCool is more than just a Shopify app development company. We are your friends. We are leaders. We are dreamers. We are entrepreneurs. We are as proactive as you are.

Since 2010, we’ve been building a team of Shopify app developers that is focused on your goals, a team open to any changes, and a team driven by the process as much as by the results.

Creators. Visionaries.

Dmitry Boruk

Dmitry joined the team after the merger of MakeBeCool and Foridev to deepen our Shopify development services expertise.

Andrey Gadashevich

In 2010, Andrey founded the Shopify development company MakeBeCool to enhance business experiences in cooperation between partners and team and professional development and expertise.

Maksym Turu

In 2015, Maksym joined our Shopify development company to strengthen the design team and enhance projects UX/UI.

Experts. Overachievers.

Every single member of our team is dedicated to the results we deliver to our partners. We are not just some developers and designers.
We are The developers and The designers who are ready to improve the performance of your business.

We focus on your goals
We are dedicated team players
We show a straightforward attitude to what we do
We are ready for the changes. Anytime
The process drives us as much as the result
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We’re proud of our Shopify app development achievements

We base our goals on the endgame aspirations of where you want your company to be. And it’s all about supporting you as a partner and helping you promote your business with Shopify app development. While we shape your online representation, we get awards for our achievements

Top Shopify Developers

Effective Shopify web development is our pride. We know how to do that, and we know that our development services deserve the highest rates.

Certified Shopify developers
Clutch Leading Developers

Clutch, an online client review guide of the leading IT, marketing, and business services companies, added us to the 15 best web development companies.

Top 15 in the world on Clutch
Upwork Top rated

Upwork rated us as a top Ukrainian Shopify development company. Along with other companies, we provide a full circle of e-commerce services for Upwork users.

300+ reviews
YouTeam Partner

We reinforce our team with the partners who eventually become part of our team. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we manage to create better solutions for everyone.

Net Promotion Score

We have attained a great NPS score as a professional Shopify development company. Moreover, our clients also admit our high-quality services and professional approach to project delivery

9.3 avg score

We root for making your online presence problem-free and effective. We are proud of your trust – 75% of our partners have been growing with us for more than three years!

75% of 3+ years

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It’s time to add some new features to your online business. Go further. Order custom Shopify app development. Your customers want to have options to enjoy your product or service!

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No secrets behind Shopify extension development

What is actually a Shopify app? Does my business need it? Should I order a private type of app, or should I use the public one? Feel free to ask us any questions regarding custom Shopify app development! We will gladly answer you and help you decide whether it’s the right time for app development

What is the difference between Shopify app development and Shopify mobile app development services?

When we create an app for Shopify store, we always analyze whether we need a mobile app or desktop app. It always depends on the business goals of your company.

What are the features of Shopify apps?

Shopify apps can offer multiple features. Previously, we conducted Shopify public app development and created Smart Bundle for businesses). If your business needs some special features, we will be happy to help you in the Shopify develop app process.

What are the features of a private type of app?

During Shopify custom app development, an app can get any features you want. We will analyze the market together and decide what exactly you need for faster growth.

How to create an app for Shopify store?

It’s easy: if you need to create mobile app Shopify, you just contact us, and together we develop the ideas on apps you need. Coding, publishing, and maintenance are on us!