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Convenient data transfer from any website to Shopify

Our client, Obaku, wanted to migrate website data to a Shopify page. The project included improving the UI/UX design, maintaining the client's style and tone of voice, and enhancing brand awareness after the transfer.

To do so, we had to run and manage the whole process from scratch, transfer elements properly, and improve the platform's intuitiveness. We assembled a team of Shopify experts to take care of the operational part of the project. To monitor performance and provide timely feedback to the client, we also assigned a Project Manager who worked solely with Obaku.

Enhance your Shopify page and improve the conversion

We understood that improving the UI/UX elements for the client's Shopify page was among the top priorities. That's why we assigned a team of designers to address this task. All in all, we had to redesign the following pages:

  • Content Page
  • Store Locator page
  • FAQ page
  • Watches for Life page
  • Obaku Story page
  • Social Responsibility page

Moreover, we had to work on the design of the client's mobile app. We changed the buttons, reconsidered the customer's journey, and restructured design elements to make it look more logical, stylish, and professional.

Fast and easy Shopify website migration with a personalized attitude   

As a professional team, we realized the importance of adding custom elements to the client's website. That's why we picked the right fonts, colors, and tone of voice to convey the brand’s key messages.

To help potential customers learn more about the brand, we incorporated some pages where they could find answers to various questions. These included an FAQ section, About Us, Social Responsibility, and Blog pages. This way, we provided users with the extra information they needed and increased the on-page time.

We ensure convenient, flawless website migration services for any E-Commerce project. Reach out to us!

For Obaku, we provided the following service:

Our team helped safely migrate Obaku's website to Shopify with no data loss or safety risks. We also ensured the UI/UX elements used on the native client's web page, an essential aspect of shaping brand awareness, were properly transferred to the new platform.

In the process, we enhanced the platform's usability and functionality, which, in turn, helped increase the conversion rate. Moreover, we managed to boost the intuitiveness and convenience of Obaku’s mobile app as well. 

Since one of the client's key concerns was maintaining a proper brand image, we offered Shopify page customization. We incorporated native design elements into the new platform. It helped not just to maintain brand awareness but also to make the page stand out among other online marketplaces using Shopify templates.

Overall, we have completed nine milestones related to Obaku's website migration to Shopify. We did not just move a website to a new platform but also ran QA tests and took care of the deployment. Since we managed the whole process, we were able to properly report to the client, making sure they received all updates on time. The Shopify page we launched performed without a hitch.

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