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“Working in the fashion industry means working hard. We always need to think ahead, and at the same time, keep up with the time. Our website is the face of our business, and it must be beautiful. MakeBeCool developed a theme for us that looks great and works for our clients. Highly recommend working with them!”

Create a new vision of your business

We know that working in highly competitive areas requires phenomenal effort from you. But we also know that we can simplify this process for you. We can provide you with a list of services that make online presence more effective. And you don’t need to spend your time on this.

For KORA, we created a new theme - both designed and developed it. This new vision of the website allowed to improve performance and simplify the user journey.

Working according to your requirements to deliver better results

You may not know how your Shopify store should look, but you may know what pages and elements you want to have on your website.

We always follow all your requirements and deliver the results that you expect:

  • Creating theme design that suits the brand guidelines of the company.
  • Implementation of additional features to improve store performance.
  • A new vision of business that is supported by great technical decisions.

Your business must grow. We will help you with that!

Dare to grow faster! Your Shopify store can be perfectly optimized, bring huge sales, and impress you with the conversion.

Make your choice. Work with us!

There’s always a choice. You can try to make a store on your own, and you can entrust this to experts.

  • Shopify theme development
    We can help you with the idea and with the realization. You can count on us! Drop us a line, and we’ll discuss how to make your website better.
  • Shopify optimization
    Not satisfied with the performance of your store? It’s time to change it! We know all the tricks and secrets and will help you optimize your website.
  • Shopify maintenance
    Your store will work perfectly. Our team will provide you with Shopify maintenance so that you are sure that everything is under control.

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