"The client was satisfied with the quality of MakeBeCool's work. They lead a solid project management experience with constant communication and deadline commitment, which was key to the engagement's success. The team also praised their technical development and graphic skills throughout the project."

Efficient and fast Shopify website development

Our team had to develop the front-end and back-end for Giordano and help the client understand the migration process. Initially, the company had a store built on Magento but decided to transfer data to Shopify.

Among other things, the client needed theme customization, SEO, and DB migration. In addition, the team required a PM to monitor the project and evaluate its performance.

We developed a project pipeline to optimize most processes and estimate the deadlines and timeline. Overall, we had several key project elements: front-end and back-end development, website migration, and customizable design.

Custom solutions for better user experience

We enabled various custom features and web applications to help Giordano make the website as convenient as possible. Our team mainly focused on Warehouse customization.

Here's a quick recap of what we managed to do to provide every customer with the personalized features they need:

  • We implemented multiple payment options to ensure the transactions are convenient and fast
  • Our team added relevant filters and custom search fields to help users find a more suitable product with less effort
  • We made it easier for every client to track their orders and add items to a wishlist they can easily reach and process the orders form, too
  • As Shopify professionals, we understand how necessary customization is for every merchant. That's why we implemented theme customization together with multiple design elements users can adjust according to their preferences

Shopify migration in a prompt, efficient way

One of the other main tasks was to help Giordano migrate their platform from Magento to Shopify. This process required extra monitoring by a Project Manager to see if the process was successful and if the platform was working properly.

We helped our client safely transfer all the databases with no risk of losing essential information. Moreover, we managed to migrate the SEO to help Giordano maintain the same quality content on the Shopify page and drive organic growth of website visitors and potential clients.

We help you develop, migrate, and customize websites, making them rock on Shopify. Want to see how?

For Giordano, we provided the following service:

The major milestones we had to complete for Giordano were conducting the Discovery phase, customizing the Warehouse theme, overseeing the migration from Magento to Shopify, and monitoring the SEO process.

For the project, we involved frontend and backend developers, designers, and a PM to control the quality and the platform migration. We received all the necessary visual materials from Giordano and organically implemented them into a new platform design, adding several touches to make them more personally looking to every customer.

We wanted to add custom features but not distract users from the shopping process. That's why we opted for minimalistic yet attractive design elements, helped enhance the checkout experience, and added multiple payment methods to help more users process transactions quickly. We also added quick access to a personal account and several features to help them adjust it however users might need.

Our team developed a website from scratch, making it suitable for Shopify. We implement web applications to customize the UX and helped safely migrate databases and SEO information to maintain the website's traffic level. Our PM helped ensure the top-notch project completion and a flawless migration from Magento to Shopify.

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