• 112% Revenue growth by 2 years
  • 21% AOV growth
  • 2019 ongoing

Giordano sought assistance with its migration process, transitioning from a Magento-built store to Shopify. This involved a range of tasks including theme customization, SEO optimization, and database migration. Furthermore, the project required dedicated project management oversight to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. Of utmost importance was the seamless transfer of data from the old platform to Shopify, preserving data integrity throughout the process

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"The client was satisfied with the quality of MakeBeCool's work. They lead a solid project management experience with constant communication and deadline commitment, which was key to the engagement's success. The team also praised their technical development and graphic skills throughout the project."

Personalized design

For this project, we engaged front-end and back-end developers, designers, and a project manager tasked with ensuring quality control and smooth platform migration. With a cohesive effort, we orchestrated the integration of all essential visual elements provided by Giordano, weaving them into the fabric of the new platform's design. To enhance user engagement and tailor the experience to individual clients, we applied nuanced adjustments and personal touches, thus imbuing the platform with a sense of familiarity

Enhanced user experience

We've integrated various special features and applications to enhance the user experience on Giordano's website. Our primary focus was on customizing the Warehouse theme to cater to individual customer needs. Here's a brief overview of the personalized features we've implemented:

  • Introduced multiple payment options for swift transactions
  • Added filters and custom search fields for easy product discovery
  • Streamlined order tracking and enabled wishlist creation for user convenience
  • Simplified order processing and theme customization, allowing users to tailor their experience

Seamless migration from Magento to Shopify

One of our primary objectives was to assist Giordano in transitioning their platform from Magento to Shopify. This undertaking necessitated meticulous oversight from the project manager to ensure a smooth and successful migration, validating the platform's functionality post-transition. We supported our partner in securely migrating all databases, minimizing the risk of data loss. Additionally, we facilitated the migration of SEO elements to ensure that Giordano maintained the same level of content quality on their Shopify page, thereby sustaining organic growth in website traffic and customers.

Optimizing website with smooth functionality

The discovery phase proved instrumental in tailoring the Warehouse theme to the partner's specific needs. Drawing from insights gleaned during this phase, we've designed a website for Giordano that incorporates attractive design elements and seamless checkout functionality. Throughout the entire process, comprehensive project management ensured that all aspects of the migration were executed efficiently and effectively, ultimately leading to a successful transition to the Shopify platform.

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