Shopify speed optimization

The moving power for your website

Not satisfied with the conversions? Perhaps, the problem is the low Shopify site speed load. Don't panic! We know how to deal with that.

Even the quality of the images reflects on Shopify speed. We will help you control all apps, images, design, and other processes that reflect on the load speed. We speed up your website, you grow.

How we speed up Shopify site: basic steps for higher speed

We know this for sure: if shopify speed is low, the conversion will never get high. We’re here to help you by using image optimizer shopify and other tools that demonstrate proven results.


At this stage, we define the problems that affect Shopify page speed. It is vital for our further actions.

Finding solutions

We know that every integration is important. However, there are always some options to improve the situation. For example, introducing Shopify image optimization - it’s easy yet effective.

Testing and checking the results

To deliver the best results in Shopify website speed optimization, we try different approaches. Only when both parties are satisfied with the result, we go to the next stage.


Our favorite stage of any process! Finally, Shopify optimize speed is fast. You get higher in the search engine, and your conversations start to grow again!

Your success is our goal.
Key cases of Shopify speed optimization for our clients

We are sure: when you, as our partner, are involved in the cooperation, the results are more satisfying for Shopify store speed optimization. These cases prove that together we are stronger.

Shopify speed optimization for Zinvo (Watch Brand)

“MakeBeCool’s work resulted in an increased conversion rate and Shopify website speed, decreased website load time and improved UX. Their market analysis resulted in developing an effective marketing strategy, and they are making diligent and effective efforts to enhance visibility on multiple fronts.”

Shopify speed optimization for DS Laboratories (Personal Care Company)

“We worked with MakeBeCool on Shopify page speed optimization. After launching our new store version on Shopify, conversion doubled, and subscription signups customers increased 3x. Due to monthly support, we are confident the performance of our store development. MBC exceeded our expectations.”

Shopify speed optimization for John Leo Rose (SkinCare Brand)

“Impressive project management skills as well as Shopify site speed optimization. Deadlines were met, clear and constructive communication with a desire to develop the project as much as possible. Not just waiting to receive all input but also proactively thinking with the project & тbrand.”

Shopify speed optimization for Eve Distribution (Customer Electronic Company)

“Makebecool offers an excellent quality of services to improve Shopify site speed and professional skills. They are ready to work out the individual solution showing deep knowledge of Shopify platform, understanding of UI and best practices.“

Shopify speed optimization for GrossoShop (e-commerce website)

“The team’s technology and business expertise to optimize shopify store speed were helpful at every step. Costs were reasonable given the project's complexity and the high-quality end result.“

Let’s speed up!

Shopify image optimization:
Does your website need that?

Yes. We can increase Shopify site speed by optimizing images. Yes. You can do that on your own. But we can help you do that faster! We have the necessary tools for Shopify image optimization.

Speed up to success

Your business needs to grow fast. But it becomes impossible when your page speed Shopify is low. We know how to fix that.

Over 10 years in
5 years in Shopify
90 successful projects in 2020

We help you to grow from the outside

MakeBeCool is more than just a speed optimization Shopify company. We are your friends. We are leaders. We are dreamers. We are entrepreneurs. We are as proactive as you are.

Since 2010, we’ve been building a team that is focused on your goals, a team open to any changes, and a team driven by the process as much as by the results.

Creators. Visionaries.

Andrey Gadashevich

In 2010, Andrey founded Shopify development company MakeBeCool to enhance business experiences in cooperation between partners and team and professional development and expertise.

Maksym Turu

In 2015, Maksym joined our Shopify development company to strengthen the design team and enhance projects UX/UI.

Konstantyn Velychko

In 2018, MakeBeCool revealed one more vector for development – Konstantyn headed customer care and virtual assistance directions.

Dmitry Boruk

Dmitry joined the team after the merger of MakeBeCool and Foridev to deepen our Shopify development services expertise.

Experts. Overachievers.

Every single member of our team is dedicated to the results we deliver to our partners. We are not just some developers and designers.
We are The developers and The designers who are ready to improve the performance of your business.

We focus on your goals
We are dedicated team players
We show a straightforward attitude to what we do
We are ready for the changes. Anytime
The process drives us as much as the result
We focus on your goals
Let’s speed up!

Our achievements in speed optimization in Shopify

We increase shopify site speed to help you improve the performance of your online presence. When we succeed in that, we get the main award.

Top Shopify Developers

Effective Shopify web development is our pride. We know how to do that, and we know that our development services deserve the highest rates.

Certified Shopify developers
Clutch Leading Developers

Clutch, an online client review guide of the leading IT, marketing, and business services companies, added us to the 15 best web development companies.

Top 15 in the wolrld on Clutch
Upwork Top rated

Upwork rated us as a top Ukrainian Shopify development company. Along with other companies, we provide a full circle of e-commerce services for Upwork users.

300+ reviews
YouTeam Partner

We reinforce our team with the partners who eventually become part of our team. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we manage to create better solutions for everyone.

Net Promotion Score

As a result of our achievements as a Shopify development company, we attained a favorable NPS score. Our partners recognize us for overall satisfaction with provided services and the high quality of delivered projects.

9.3 avg score

We root for making your online presence problem-free and effective. We are proud of your trust – 75% of our partners have been growing with us for more than three years!

75% of 3+ years

Let’s speed up!

We don’t support the slow development of business. We believe that it’s time to be fast, get results fast, and grow fast. We speed up your Shopify Google page speed, as well as speed up your business.

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