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A custom Shopify theme design will help your website stand out and look more professional. You'll make a great first impression on your potential customers, making it more memorable than your competitors' web pages. As professionals in Shopify template development, we'll highlight your brand identity, add relevant color palettes, logos, and other distinctive elements to show what your product is all about. To ensure our custom website design works best, we conduct A/B tests, generate ideas based on your exact requirements, and provide you with a dedicated analytics tool to measure and enhance customer experience.

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Our process is on 6 basic steps of the Shopify custom theme development

Our approach is simple. Wherever our partners need Shopify theme development, we’re all up in assisting them.


Imagine you have a great idea for a Shopify custom theme design, but the platform can't technically support it. We run a preliminary theme design technical compliance analysis to prevent you from removing valuable features or replacing apps. This way, we'll know exactly what you'll eventually get from a particular concept.


With such a wide variety of custom website designs and features, yours must be catchy yet professional and rich in multiple useful features. During the design stage, we help you select custom sections, blocks, and settings that'll show your website (and brand in general) best. We implement your ideas and feature requirements into concepts and then custom Shopify themes that help discover your business, its values, and spirit.


We know how sophisticated your customers are. They understand the purposes and features of various websites and what a particular platform should possess to satisfy their needs. And your site also needs these features and even apps to ensure an enhanced customer experience. We'll gladly integrate the most helpful and desired apps into your website to deliver the most through it.


Once we're halfway through, we get to visualize your future platform. Our team brings all the best ideas and features to life during the implementation stage. Now, you'll see what it looks like, try it yourself, and make some final improvements. In two more steps, you'll get it 100% done.


Your website looks great on a PC yet terrible on a smartphone? That happens often, and the testing stage is a perfect opportunity to detect and avoid any technical or visual issues your customers might experience after the release. In the end, you'll get a perfectly working, slick website on any device, browser, and OS you need.


Finally, you have a perfectly-looking, well-groomed website ready for release on your store. We'll take care of the whole launching process, and yes, after this, it's time to celebrate!

They trusted our Shopify theme development services. Here are the results.

Should we create a Shopify theme design for your business? We’re in!

The main goals for us were establishing a solid presence in the US market, improving customer experience, and increasing sales.

As a Shopify development partner, we designed an online store and provided optimized solutions along with applications to plugins. Due to the online store's successful performance, DS Laboratories decided to expand to Mexican, UK, and EU markets.


  • developing an online store;
  • providing optimized solutions along with applications to plugins.

“Impressive project management skills as well as Shopify web development services. Deadlines were met, clear and constructive communication with a desire to develop the project as much as possible. Not just waiting to receive all input but also proactively thinking with the project & тbrand.”

Our design solution: after a CRO analysis, the designer developed a new UI for a website. We successfully implemented it into the Shopify store.


  • developing a new UI for a website;
  • implementing a new design into the Shopify store.

“Working with MakeBeCool was a great experience. We’ve ordered shopify theme development for our company, and we were impressed with the high quality of provided services. We are absolutely happy with the results!”

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Test your vision of an ideal store for your business
Use the guidance from experts in UX/UI and conversion to create an e-commerce masterpiece
No restrictions of pre-made themes. Everything is tailor-made to meet your business's needs

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Communicate the value of your business with Shopify theme development

An efficient Shopify theme design can become a moving power for your business. It builds you a strong online presence. You finally become visible in the online arena of billions of websites. Committing to your goals, we help you in achieving your results whenever you need them.

We put our experience into your success

Your business does not need inspiration. It needs a moving power. For more than 10 years, our Shopify theme development company has been driving businesses and conducting theme creation. Will you be the next one?

Over 10 years in
5 years in Shopify
90 successful projects in 2020


People who will create a custom Shopify theme. Right for you.

MakeBeCool is more than just a Shopify agency for theme development. We are your friends. We are leaders. We are dreamers. We are entrepreneurs. We are as proactive as you are.

Since 2010, we’ve been building a team of Shopify theme developers and experts that is focused on your goals, a team open to any changes, and a team driven by the process as much as by the results.

Creators. Visionaries.

Dmitry Boruk

Dmitry joined the team after the merger of MakeBeCool and Foridev to deepen our Shopify development services expertise.

Andrey Gadashevich

In 2010, Andrey founded the Shopify development company MakeBeCool to enhance business experiences in cooperation between partners and team and professional development and expertise.

Maksym Turu

In 2015, Maksym joined our Shopify development company to strengthen the design team and enhance projects UX/UI.

Experts. Overachievers.

Every single member of our team is dedicated to the results we deliver to our partners. We are not just some developers and designers.
We are The developers and The designers who are ready to improve the performance of your business.

We focus on your goals
We are dedicated team players
We show a straightforward attitude to what we do
We are ready for the changes. Anytime
The process drives us as much as the result
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We never settle for less.
We’re proud of our Shopify theme development agency achievements

We are committed to the goals of your partners. Every time we create a custom Shopify theme, we create new possibilities for the business to grow. We find support for our approach in the feedback of our partners and the awards we get

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Effective Shopify web development is our pride. We know how to do that, and we know that our development services deserve the highest rates.

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Clutch, an online client review guide of the leading IT, marketing, and business services companies, added us to the 15 best web development companies.

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Upwork rated us as a top Ukrainian Shopify development company. Along with other companies, we provide a full circle of e-commerce services for Upwork users.

300+ reviews
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We reinforce our team with the partners who eventually become part of our team. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we manage to create better solutions for everyone.

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We root for making your online presence problem-free and effective. We are proud of your trust – 75% of our partners have been growing with us for more than three years!

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How long does it take to develop a Shopify theme?

Your e-commerce business may need a lot of time and effort to choose a suitable theme. In addition to looking good, your theme has to perform effectively and generate sales. Make a list of all the functions you need. From the ideat to realisation it may take 1 to 3 months.

When should your Shopify theme be optimized?

So many sites these days are getting sluggish - huge images, slow load times, pages that are unusable until a custom web font has downloaded. Sitting on a high-bandwidth connection in our offices, and not experiencing our stores through the eyes of customers, it’s easy for both developers and clients to overlook performance and instead focus on that snazzy new lightbox or worry about the colour palette. In the context of eCommerce, site performance is now actually more important than ever. As more and more businesses move online, consumers have more choice about where to spend their money, and their patience for less-than-optimal purchasing experiences decreases.

What are Shopify’s custom theme’s key advantages?

Give Your Shopify Store a Unique Design.

Improve Customer Experience.

Improve the Performance of Your Store.

Growing Your Ecommerce Store