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  • 17% increase in AOV
  • Up to 8% increased CR
  • 2020 ongoing support

Magnus Brand, a watch company committed to providing top-notch timepieces at accessible prices, encountered hurdles when endeavoring to introduce combination deals to its clientele. These challenges manifested in the form of stock shortages, cluttered product pages, and a general degradation of the user experience.

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Fulfilling demand for versatile combination deals

After carefully analyzing Magnus's requirement to offer combination deals to its customers while upholding the brand's commitment to delivering high-quality watches at affordable prices, our team took great care in selecting the appropriate tool for this task. Our partner not only sought to provide product pairs but also desired combo, triple, or X trades. Another crucial requirement was that all items be added to the cart individually, as per the warehouse's need to accurately read SKUs rather than custom products with unknown SKUs. Considering these specifications, we identified an app that perfectly suited all criteria

Leveraging data insights to optimize product combinations

Once the appropriate tool was chosen, the next question arose: which products should be promoted together? To answer this, we analyzed order data, to identify valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. By uncovering hidden trends in product combinations and discount structures, we gained a deeper understanding of what resonates most with Magnus's audience. With this data-driven approach, we continually refine our strategy to maximize customer value and store profitability, staying ahead of the curve.

Enhanced customer experience

The next challenge was to present combination deals to customers, as Magnus desired separate product pages for these offers. With the aid of the selected tool for creating and managing bundles, individual pages were generated for each offer. These pages were tailored to align with the brand's identity, ensuring a seamless user experience without overwhelming the customer with unnecessary elements. Importantly, customers were able to manage their watch selections directly from the bundle page, streamlining the browsing and selection process.  As a result, customer satisfaction and conversion rates saw notable increases

Seamless warehouse integration

Magnus Luxury Watches faced delays and errors in order fulfillment stemming from incompatible SKU codes between their online store and warehouse system. This issue led to frustration among both customers and employees, negatively impacting the brand's reputation and performance. We identified a solution to address the SKU incompatibility problem and implemented a system to generate codes that are compatible with the warehouse system, streamlining order processing and minimizing errors during fulfillment.

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