We are

We are a team of proactive people who thrive in eCommerce and take accountability for our Partners’ needs and bottom line. We are curious and novel, passionate about the craft, constantly experimenting, building open-line communications, and contributing ideas that are unique and off-the-beaten.

Makebecool Highlights

Our passion is to create something that will change the course of history, the history of our partners and our history. From the process of creation to a continuous process of development and achievement of goals. Our motivation is the success stories of our partners.

We are Makers of success stories and unite around us the same Makers who are just as passionate about their work in order to make history together.We are a team of proactive people who are not afraid to try and take responsibility, we are constantly experimenting and open to dialogue and new ideas.

Social Responsibility

MRPL IT Cluster

5 projects

implemented for the development of IT companies in the region

30 companies

improved their project management, sales and marketing processes

70 employees

from different companies improved their skills

The first IT Conference in Donetsk region

Up to 350 visitors

MRPL It Conference #mrplitconf

Up to 270 visitors

MRPL It Weekend

Up to 500 visitors

Our history

Born in 2010 in Mariupol, Ukraine, web studio 3-5 people in a team


Systematization of business, work on processes and growth


Entering foreign markets, focus on Shopify


We unite around ourselves the IT community of Mariupol: MRPL IT Cluster, CEO MakeBeCool become CEO MRPL IT Cluster as well

We organized the first IT conferences

Development of development projects for IT companies in the city

We get into the top 15 Shopify Agency in the world according to Clutch


Organization of the largest IT conference in the region, MRPL IT Weekend

Development and preparation for the launch of a large consulting project for IT companies that have suffered from hostilities in Ukraine

Merged with Foridev

MBC Bundles - Bundle Products

Launched the transformation from Developers to Strategic eCommerce Development Partners

Transformation into an international company: Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Canada, Germany

Loss of office in Mariupol after Russian invasion: saved the team and business, complied with all obligations to partners/clients, transformed and continued to move towards strategic goals


We continue to create history together with our partners

We are building a company that is a strategic partner that provides efficiency for eCommerce businesses


makebecool Team

Alexander S.

Marketing Manager

Alexander S.

Project Manager

Alexander V.

Head of Sales Department

Alina Z.

Account manager MBC Bundles

Andrey G.

CEO MakeBeCool

Andrii Z.


Anna B.


Anton M.

Sales Development Manager

Artur S.

Front-end Developer

Dmitry B.

COO at MakeBeCool

Eduard Z.

MBC Product Front-end Developer

Elena N.

Project manager

Elizaveta S.

Leadgen manager

Kateryna B.

Account Manager at MBC Bundles

Maksim T.


Marko K.

MBC Product Front-end Developer

Polyakova A.

Business Analyst

Svetlana F.

Financial Manager

Valentin M.

MBC Product Back-end Developer

Valerii B.

Product Manager / TL Customer Support

Viktoria D.


Vladislav D.

Project Manager

Yaroslav B.

Project manager

Our clients say

''They included us, and we felt part of the project, which was great.''

Francesco Maione
IT Specialist, Giordano Shop SRL

"The project management was great, proactive, and responsive."

Nik Pasholok
CEO & Co-Founder, Calcurates

“They complete tasks within their estimated timeline, if not earlier.”

Andrea Naco
Creative Director, Ingarden