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"It was a great pleasure to work with MakeBeCool. The communication was at the highest level — we could contact our manager literally at any time. And, of course, the results. We were impressed by how fast the guys work. And we were even more impressed with the quality of our store. It’s just mind-blowing!”

We help to develop smart food solutions for better online presence

Fast, healthy & delicious - YFood reminds us of our approach to everything we do. We want to deliver results fast. We want to provide healthy solutions for your business. And we want to make the overall result as delicious as a pie.

Working with YFood was a challenge for us, as previously, we have never worked for the Food & Beverage industry. Moreover, it was one of the very first Shopify projects we have
ever created.

Despite the project’s challenges, our partners and we were happy with the result — and still are.

We aim to be better. Together with you.

For YFood, we created a Shopify store from scratch. We started with analysis (like we do with any other project), developed a design that looks great, reflects YFood essence, and
satisfies the customers’ needs. Our technical team assisted in turning beautiful pictures into effective interfaces.

For us, cooperation with YFood proved that everything is possible when you’re ready to work hard and fight for your partner’s success. For now, YFood:

  • transformed from a small team company into a booming corporation that receives investment offers worldwide;
  • is still our friend. We’re looking forward to getting back to work again!

We exceed expectations. Undeniably.

Any corporation starts with small steps: several enthusiasts want to grow big, and they’re ready to work hard and grow together with their partners. Working on the YFood website was just the first step in a long journey for both of us. We both grew from small teams into huge companies. And we’re so proud of that!

Our strategy helped YFood to achieve these numbers:

  • Adds to cart increased +170%
  • Orders increased +156%
  • Purchases increased +181%

Individual approach to any business. Guaranteed by MakeBeCool.

For YFood, we did the following:

  • Shopify theme development
    We created a design for a new theme from scratch and helped with technical implementation. Together with YFood, we defined what business needs to be successful and added all features to the website.
  • Shopify optimization
    Staying visible online is the key to success. Any store can successfully attract clients if it is not properly optimized. Therefore, before we launched the YFood website, we additionally optimized it for users and search engines.
  • Shopify 3-rd party integration
    Sometimes, Shopify cannot provide clients with the whole spectrum if necessary extensions. However, we can always integrate 3-rd party features to make the website look just like
    you’ve imagined.

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