• 24% AOV growth
  • Ongoing maintenance since 2022

Icarus Kite & Foil Center encountered a challenge: they aimed to boost sales while struggling to effectively manage the inventory of specific products bundled together. This hindered their ability to showcase the full range of kits on their website and in-store displays. It was crucial to ensure that packages were visually presented clearly both online and in-store to enhance customer satisfaction

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We had excellent support in implementation. Very professional, very helpful & also open for development (adapting to our needs).

Data analytics and insights

Our analysis delved into Icarus' previous orders and customer interactions on their website to grasp preferences and utilize this data to customize product offerings and marketing strategies. Our analysis revealed that many newcomers opt for comprehensive sets, recognizing the importance of having all essentials in one package for a seamless and gratifying experience

Streamlining sales with custom bundle solutions

One of the challenges Icarus Kite & Foil Center faced when they reached out to us was managing their bundled product inventories. As part of MakeBeCool’s growth services, we suggested an application for creating bundles and provided a personalized setup. This enabled them to showcase 37 distinct bundles in the Mix&Match format, allowing customers to make instant purchases directly from the collection page. Now, customers can effortlessly explore various combinations of renowned brands along with Icarus' own products

Strategic consulting

Our comprehensive examination of the water sports market and analysis of the competitive landscape unearthed pivotal avenues for growth and development. This process involved delving deep into various facets, such as discerning customer demographics, unraveling intricate purchasing patterns, and pinpointing emerging trends across popular product categories. By dissecting these insights, we not only gained a nuanced understanding of market dynamics but also unearthed opportunities for strategic advancement and market penetration

Increased brand awareness

By leveraging a comprehensive analysis of customer behavior, our team skillfully devised strategic marketing initiatives tailored to the unique preferences and tendencies of our partner's audience. This approach yielded remarkable results, facilitating a 25% increase in the outreach to enthusiasts of kiteboarding and wingfoiling. As a consequence, our partner's influence and engagement surged, establishing a stronger foothold within the community and unlocking new avenues for growth and collaboration

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