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“MakeBeCool’s work resulted in an increased conversion rate and Shopify website speed, decreased website load time, and improved UX. Their market analysis resulted in developing an effective marketing strategy, and they are making diligent and effective efforts to enhance visibility on multiple fronts.”

Comprehensive digital plan for better performance

When a website doesn’t perform well, the growth of the business stops. Long loading time, lack of CRO, poor UI and UX - these were the key issues ZINVO Watches needed to solve.

Because the situation was critical, we started with optimization immediately. However, these fixes were not enough to bring the expected results.

Step by step, we started to improve the online presence of ZINVO Watches. Our efforts resulted in the development of an effective marketing strategy that covers visibility on various fronts.

Success does not happen in a minute. But we struggle to make it happen faster

The business success depends on many aspects, and sometimes great UX/UI and advanced features are not enough to satisfy the clients' needs.

After profound market research and immediate website fixes, we started developing a strategy for conversion rate improvement and better communication with users. Now, all maintenance works are on us, and we keep supporting ZINVO Watches growth.

  • Improving UI/UX by implement best practices and results of market research.
  • Developing a marketing strategy, including email campaigns and social media
  • Launching a new website to expand the online presence in new markets.

The rise of ZINVO Watches. When the results exceed expectations

Sometimes your business needs third-party support. And sometimes, a third party becomes an ally in sustainable growth. With ZINVO Watches, we work as partners, advocating for their success and ongoing development. The first results of our mutual work were fantastic, but we’re sure it’s just the beginning.

  • Adds to cart increased +170%
  • Orders increased +156%
  • Purchases increased +181%

ZINVO Watches deserves a customized approach. As well as you do

For ZINVO Watches, we implemented the following services:

  • Shopify theme development
    We started with fixing the existing issues to improve the key metrics. However, that was not enough. We developed a more effective theme considering the results of UX research and using best practices.
  • Shopify optimization

    If users cannot find you online, your website is useless. We worked on Shopify store optimization to make it visible online. Also, we’ve optimized the website to make it effective for users.
  • Shopify maintenance
    We keep working with ZINVO Watches on Shopify maintenance to ensure sustainable growth of the business by introducing new features to the store.

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