Grace Management Group


  • $50K Increased revenue
  • Ongoing since 2020

Grace Management Group, a family business in home fragrance and gifts with five successful brands under its umbrella, aimed to enhance profitability, increase AOV – crucial amidst escalating shipping expenses – and streamline operations. While aspiring to sell bundles, the company encountered significant setbacks in operational efficiency, grappling with heightened labor costs and slower order processing

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"Very easy to use and the support team is excellent!! We migrated from another bundling app and are extremely glad we did."

Data-driven advanced analytics

For Grace Management Group we leveraged a data-driven approach to enhance sales and efficiency. Advanced analytics delved into historical sales data and customer interactions to: identify frequently purchased product combinations, segment customers based on preferences for personalized offerings, and analyze cart abandonment reasons. This data-driven approach informed strategic solutions tailored to customer behavior, ultimately boosting sales and AOV

Tailored product bundling strategy

Drawing from our partner's preferences and requirements, we carefully selected the optimal application for bundling products. Leveraging insights into commonly purchased product combinations and customer behavior, we devised a tailored product bundling strategy for each brand under Grace Management Group. Within the initial two months of implementing this strategy, our partners experienced a notable income boost of approximately $50,000. Furthermore, there was a noticeable uptick in the average order value across all brands, a move that ultimately translates to long-term savings on shipping costs

Elevated average order value

In addition, Makebecool's growth service contributed to Grace Management Group's notable increase in AOV. Industry reports indicate that e-commerce businesses adopting product bundling often see a 10-15% uptick in AOV. The results across all five brands align with this trend, underscoring the effectiveness of the app in keeping pace with industry standards. Moreover, the discernible rise in average order value translated into long-term savings in delivery costs.

Optimizing operational efficiency

This approach had its most significant impact on the special handling department. Previously, they were tasked with assembling predetermined bundles manually, which resulted in escalated labor costs, prolonged order processing times, and increased storage space requirements. The implementation of the bundling strategy and new app has drastically simplified their operations. Now, instead of dealing with pre-made bundles, they simply manage individual items on the assembly line, pulling from them to fulfill orders with ease.

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