Magento (Adobe Commerce) to Shopify Migration

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How to migrate products from Magento to Shopify?

What our Magento to Shopify migration workflow looks like

Being experts in migrating Magento (Adobe Commerce) to Shopify, we have developed a standardized workflow that helps ensure a flawless, slick moving process. With our proven methodology, you can trust us to handle every aspect of your Magento 1 or Magento 2 to Shopify migration efficiently.

Set up a Shopify Account

Our team helps you properly set up a Shopify account for your business. We add all the necessary, up-to-date details about your company, product line, and other information required to get to know your business better.

Create a Backup of Your Store

We create a store backup beforehand to ensure we don't lose any sensitive data, due migration process. It includes all the information about your products, pricing, clients, discount codes, orders, and financial data.

Download the Store Import App

To continue the migration process, we use a store import app to ensure smooth data transfer from Magento to Shopify.

Export Data From Magento

We collect all the essential data from Magento and export it in a convenient format to move it to your new Shopify store page.

Import Data to Shopify

Once we've gathered all the data, we begin the importing process. We keep track of how the whole process is going to ensure no data gets lost on the way.

Review Imported Data

Before adding all the data to your Shopify store, we double-check the imported data and see if we haven't lost anything on the way. We get to the best part when we're done with the data review.

Design New Shopify Store

Once everything is ready for setup, we get to work on your brand-new Shopify store. Our team will help you customize the product page and make it convenient for users. We'll also add the necessary branding elements to make your page catchy and memorable for potential customers.

How to Migrate from Magento (Adobe Commerce) to Shopify

The process of Magento to Shopify product migration has never been easier! While you keep researching new ways for growth, we do all the rest.


What tools do we need to transfer your site from Magento to Shopify? At the research stage, we discover the background of your site and analyze options that we will implement during migration.

Preparing tools

Sometimes, Magento to Shopify migration app is not enough to cover all your business tasks. It’s not a problem. We will develop any app you need for your website.

Moving your data

Keeping all data safe during Magento to Shopify data migration is a primary task. We know how important the data are for you. And we swear to transfer every single byte of information.

Polishing SEO

Magento to Shopify product migration also includes the transfer of your traffic and indexing. As a result, you get an absolutely new website with all the necessary information.

Improve performance with Magento to Shopify product migration

Do you expect to improve store performance with the migration from Magento to Shopify? Don’t put switching on the waiting list!

Kapten&Son Magento to Shopify migration

  • 700+ items;
  • website load time increased 3 times;
  • conversion to sale ratio increased by 47%.
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What's essential while migrating Magento to Shopify?

Moving from Magento to Shopify is a meticulous process that includes plenty of micro-steps you need to follow to ensure a successful transfer. Let's see what you need to take into account while working on it.

Removing Specific Protocols and Setting up URL Redirects

Before moving to Shopify, you should automate URL redirects to ensure none of your future pages contain a 404 error. Crawling data can also help you discover the URL structure of the migrated Shopify store and retain all SEO benefits. Lastly, see how your Shopify page follows redirects.

Back-end Integrations

Back-end integrations are vital for any eCommerce store. You have to ensure the theme, all the apps, and third-party integrations you've been using in the current system are available and work well on Shopify. This way, you avoid performance loss. To do so, we audit the plugins and tools and check if Shopify supports them.

Customer Passwords

When you undergo a platform migration, your customers' passwords become invalid, which leads to inconvenience and problematic user experience. Moreover, you can't migrate user passwords to Shopify since they're encrypted. The migration process allows for the transfer of customer records, but this feature is available exclusively through the Shopify Plus plan. After migration, it'll send an account activation email to your existing customers so they can set a new password on your recently migrated Shopify store.

Protocol-Independent Assets

You should make your store assets (e.g., theme files, images, or style sheets) accessible as you import them to the new Shopify store. You'll need to make these files or images protocol-independent. To do that, remove protocols like http: and https: from the URLs.

What can you transfer from Magento (Adobe Commerce) to Shopify?

Magento to Shopify migration service can help you transfer plenty of data

Your business name
Stock keeping units (i.e., SKU)
Full description of your company and a product line
Manufacturer of your goods
Pricing and special offers
Meta title and description
Product images
Product tags

What else we consider while moving from Magento to Shopify

Our team always takes multiple factors into account in the moving process. Among the most significant ones is the Magento to Shopify migration cost namely the cost of required infrastructure: hardware, software, human resources, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery. We will help plan your budget and provide the best services regardless of the final price and the scope of tasks you give us.

We always choose the best tools and hire experienced people to ensure quality results and the instant success of the migration process.

Got tired of a lack of options? Choose Shopify!

Your clients want to have a choice. They want to interact with your website. They are looking for new experiences. So why not give them what they want? Shopify is an e-commerce platform that provides various possibilities for users. And we will customize them for you to make your online presence even more unique. Experience a seamless migration of orders from Magento to Shopify and feel the difference in your online store's capabilities!

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Professional support in Magento to Shopify product migration

MakeBeCool is more than just an assistant in migration from Magento to Shopify. We are your friends. We are leaders. We are dreamers. We are entrepreneurs. We are as proactive as you are.

Since 2010, we’ve been building a team that is focused on your goals, a team open to any changes, and a team driven by the process as much as by the results. So, if you want to migrate Magento to Shopify effortlessly, we're here to help!

Creators. Visionaries.

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Dmitry joined the team after the merger of MakeBeCool and Foridev to deepen our Shopify development services expertise.

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In 2010, Andrey founded the Shopify development company MakeBeCool to enhance business experiences in cooperation between partners and team and professional development and expertise.

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In 2015, Maksym joined our Shopify development company to strengthen the design team and enhance projects UX/UI.

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We are The developers and The designers who are ready to improve the performance of your business.

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The process drives us as much as the result
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Award-bringing Magento to Shopify migration. Is that possible?

When you do your job with passion, getting awards is a great compliment that proves professionalism

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75% of 3+ years

Post-migration steps to Magento to Shopify migration

As a professional team, we want to ensure the post-migration is smooth and painless. That's why you can request any of the following services upon request

Website Support And Maintenance

We'll be helping you make your Shopify store even better once it's live. Our Support teams will be there to handle various issues and problems you or your customers notice.

CMS Updates And Security Patches

We will regularly check and update your store's CSM to ensure proper content delivery to customers, as well as security patches, so no personal or business data gets hacked or lost after migration.

Regular Site Audits

Regular site checks help you ensure flawless operations of your Shopify store. If you need help with that, you can contact us any time, and we'll set up an audit schedule for your store.

Process Improvement Strategies

Looks like your internal processes of running a Shopify store need improvement? Our team will provide a list of recommendations on how to make it easier and more consistent for you.

Break/fix Support

If you notice any bugs or visual flaws, we'll quickly fix them right away. We'll also provide you with a bug report if you need one.

Site Upgrade Management

If you think your website needs refreshing or improvement, we'll gladly help you out. Since we've worked with you from the beginning, it'll be easier and faster for us to provide you with precisely what you need.

Let’s migrate!

If you're considering a Magento (Adobe Commerce) to Shopify migration, always remember it’s more than just copying website code into another platform. The details are various, and each of them is equally important. It is a challenging process indeed. But the results are worth the effort.

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What do you want to know about Magento to Shopify migration?

If you have any questions about Magento 1 to Shopify migration - feel free to ask us!  
Here are answers to the basic questions that appear when you consider moving to Shopify.

Can I move my customers' credit card data from Magento to Shopify?

Since your customers' credit card information belongs to the sensitive data category, you won't be able to move it to your Shopify store. However, there's a bunch of extra data you can easily transfer to a store, like their shipping or billing addresses, for example.

Will migration to Shopify somehow affect my Magento store?

Not at all. If you set up the migration process, your Magento store will still be fully available to users and work as usual.

Can I migrate images from Magento to Shopify?

Absolutely, you can transfer images during the Magento to Shopify migration. You have the flexibility to export product images, category images, manufacturer images, and even images within product descriptions, categories, and blog posts. This ensures a seamless migration of your visual content to your new Shopify store.

Can I transfer customers' accounts from Magento to Shopify?

You can export your customers from your Magento store to a CSV file and then upload it to Shopify. Remember that customer passwords cannot be transferred to Shopify during migration. This is because each shopping cart has its unique password encryption methods, and Shopify, as a hosted eCommerce solution, restricts access to its database, making it impossible to migrate passwords.

Can I migrate reviews from Magento to Shopify?

By default, Shopify doesn't support the Product Reviews feature, but they offer a solution with the Product Reviews App. The migration tool will export your review data into a CSV file, which you can then download and import into the Product Reviews App in your Shopify store.

Can I migrate Magento store to Shopify Plus?

Indeed, you can undertake a migration from Magento to Shopify Plus. Nevertheless, it's crucial to understand that this process is quite intricate. It encompasses the resolution of migration intricacies and potential challenges. To guarantee a smooth transition, it's highly recommended to consult professionals who possess significant experience in managing Magento to Shopify Plus migration.

How to migrate from Magento to Shopify without losing SEO?

To ensure a smooth migration from Magento to Shopify without compromising your SEO, it's crucial to maintain content consistency. Transfer content from Magento to Shopify as closely as possible. Implement 301 redirects for all your pages, and thoroughly test the new setup to catch any issues before going live. This approach will help preserve your SEO rankings and traffic.

How to transfer my website from Magento to Shopify?

To initiate the migration of your website from Magento to Shopify, begin by establishing a Shopify account and creating a backup of your Magento store. Next, download the store import app in Shopify, export data from Magento, and import it into Shopify. Following the data migration, thoroughly review the information for accuracy. Finally, tailor the design of your new Shopify store to guarantee a smooth migration without data loss.Alternatively, you can employ the professional expertise of our Magento 1 or Magento 2 to Shopify migration service to ensure that every meticulous step is considered.

Can I migrate Magento categories and subcategories to Shopify?

Absolutely, you can migrate your Magento categories and subcategories to Shopify. However, in the context of the migration to Shopify, these elements are restructured into collections and tags. Your source categories will undergo migration to become collections, and products will be appropriately tagged to mirror subcategories from your Magento store, ensuring alignment with Shopify's categorization system during the migration process.

Can I migrate options and attributes from Magento to Shopify?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to directly migrate options and attributes from Magento to Shopify. However, there's a solution. During the migration, we will create product variants based on your existing product options, ensuring that your Shopify store mirrors the structure of your Magento store, even without a direct transfer of options and attributes.

Can I transfer several languages from Magento to Shopify?

Unfortunately, migrating multiple languages directly from Magento to Shopify isn't feasible. But there are alternatives. You can use translation apps to make your Shopify store multilingual or create separate Shopify stores, each designed for a specific language. Another approach is to import translated content through CSV files, simplifying the language migration process. Read more.