• 800% Revenue growth by 5 years
  • 25% AOV growth YoY
  • 2019 ongoing

DS Laboratories, a leading dermatological brand known for its science-backed haircare and skincare, encountered e-commerce hurdles. These included outdated design, low conversion rates, slow performance with sluggish page loading, challenges in app selection for optimization, and a lack of A/B testing capabilities for site enhancement.

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“Impressive project management skills as well as Shopify web development services. Deadlines were met, clear and constructive communication with a desire to develop the project as much as possible. Not just waiting to receive all input but also proactively thinking with the project & тbrand.”

Tailored analysis for strategic website enhancement

The process kicked off with a comprehensive analysis of DS Laboratories' existing website, covering diverse aspects such as design, conversion rates, performance metrics, current applications, and A/B testing capabilities. This analysis provided valuable insights into areas requiring optimization for enhanced productivity, as well as those crucial for bolstering customer loyalty and driving profitability. We tailored our approach to align with DS Laboratories' specific objectives, brand identity, and market dynamics.

Focus on design and conversion optimization

DS Laboratories initiated a comprehensive e-commerce enhancement strategy, prioritizing several key areas. Foremost was the imperative for a design refresh to cultivate a contemporary and captivating interface that resonated with the brand image and user preferences. Furthermore, significant focus was placed on enhancing conversions through a spectrum of tactics, encompassing UX/UI enhancements in line with brand identity, showcasing the brand's dedication to scientific excellence in product development, optimizing sales funnels, and rigorous A/B testing to ascertain the most impactful strategies for driving sales.

Enhanced site performance

Performance enhancement emerged as another critical facet of the strategy, with a focus on ensuring rapid page loading times and overall site performance enhancements, resulting in a store loading speed improvement of over three times its previous speed. This encompassed the implementation of technical optimizations to elevate the user experience and diminish bounce rates. Moreover, the selection and integration of key e-commerce tools, including CRMs, analytics systems, and marketing applications, were pivotal components aimed at bolstering DS Laboratories' growth and marketing endeavors.

Executing excellence

Next, we commenced implementation, covering all aspects including conversion optimization, app selection and integration, and A/B testing. Specific implementations included a 30-day money-back guarantee, incorporating product ingredients into product images, and introducing a dedicated section illustrating how their products target the root cause of skincare issues. Post-implementation, we offered ongoing support and evolution of the e-commerce strategy for DS Laboratories, ensuring sustained success and adaptability to shifts in the business and market dynamics.

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