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“It was an amazing experience! We needed to develop functionality to offer customers personalized vitamins. For us, it was the biggest challenge as we wanted to customize our services. Together with MBC, we created a detailed quiz that will guide customers to their specifically tailor-made supplements pack. Additionally, we improved the interface and customized the website to make it look better. Thanks to MBC, we finally created a website that is both great and user-friendly.”

Personalized features for a better experience

For Alyve, we created a new website theme and developed an application that solves the main business tasks — selecting personalized products tailored to clients’ needs.

The cooperation started with the mutual belief that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach in nutrition and website design. Therefore, we’ve worked with the idea that adding some specific ingredients can have an amazing impact.

To assist Alyve in communication with the clients, we developed a quiz that helps to select proper products. The personalization made the project a perfect demonstration of a one-of-a-kind solution.

The road to success is not easy. But it's totally worth it!

Mastering online presence is an ongoing process. It never ends if a company wants to be successful. We were always by the side of Alyve. Whatever their website might need, we found the solution!

For Alyve, we worked on several key aspects of the website, including design and implementing custom features. By finding the right solutions to Alyve’s business needs, we reached the result we expected

  • creating and implementing a new design from scratch;
  • developing a custom application that ensures seamless and user-friendly flow. It helps clients choose the most suitable supplements by passing a quiz;
  • supporting and improving the website according to the updates in the business plan.

Better results for Alyve. Continuous effect of implemented changes

We believe that any change we implement should lead to better results. Therefore, we always keep the situation under control, constantly analyzing it. Alyve trusted us with their online presence, and we’ve done everything possible to improve site performance and results.

We customize the solutions to help you grow faster. Easy. Effortless. Errorless.

For Alyve, we implemented the following services:

  • Shopify theme development
    We helped Alyve bring their best side to the forefront and create an unforgettable impression on customers. But that’s not all! A theme finally helped the company to find its voice in the business arena.
  • Shopify app development
    Customized apps polish your website and add specific features that your customers may need. For Alyve, we developed an app that helps to select supplements by passing a quiz. It makes the process easier for customers, and the sales grow faster.

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