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“Our cooperation with MakeBeCool was a great experience. We were absolutely happy with the management process, as well as the development itself. MakeBeCool has a professional approach to everything they do.”

Driving your business improving Shopify stores

When running a business, you make different decisions. And sometimes, these decisions do not bring the expected results. This was the case with KOLEDA. Their online store was created on two platforms simultaneously - Shopify and Webflow.

Our challenge was to bring all pages to Shopify and redesign the website. It was necessary to make it more user-friendly, attractive, and optimized for search engines.

To help KOLEDA with marketing promotion, we also created landing pages for three products. The outcome? We’re proud of it!

We make the difference with our designs

What are the biggest problems you’re having with your website? Poor UX? Or maybe a lack of custom features? Perhaps, the matter is in aesthetics? We know your pains. And we know how to help you with that!

For KOLEDA, we developed a strategy for redesigning and redeveloping a Shopify store and creating landing pages that will skyrocket the conversion rates.

  • Redesigning the KOLEDA website.
  • Integrating customer features.
  • Developing new solutions for a better experience.

We believe in the power of numbers. They don’t cheat

Every change leads to the results. But to make these changes effective for your business, we analyze the current situation on the market, conduct competitor research, and get an understanding of the consequences. Thus, we expect better numbers, and we get them.

Personalized approach to any business. Our main secret of success

For KOLEDA, we implemented the following services:

  • Shopify theme development
    To help KOLEDA achieve their goals, we brought all e-store pages to Shopify. Additionally,
    we developed a new theme UI and UX to make the store both good-looking and user-
  • Shopify integration
    We developed and integrated custom features to improve interaction with visitors and make
    a website easy-to-use for everyone. The integration process (as well as the development)
    was easy and brought great results for KOLEDA.

Goals and problems of the customer

The results we succeed



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