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  • 7% increase revenue YoY

Avon UK, a well-known beauty brand, reached out to us to boost sales and improve the customer experience on their e-commerce platform. They sought assistance in efficiently managing and showcasing product bundles to entice customers and drive sales, all while circumventing inventory challenges. We provided them with unlocking growth through strategic customer-centricity.

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Tailored sales strategy powered by data insights

In partnership with Avon, we formulated and implemented a holistic sales strategy aimed at boosting revenue. Key to our strategy was harnessing profound customer insights gleaned from advanced data analytics and purchase trend analysis. Armed with this data, we devised a customer-centric approach that customized product offerings and promotions to directly cater to individual customer needs and preferences. This ensured a more personalized and impactful sales strategy, inclusive of bundle offers.

Streamlined inventory management

An essential component of the strategy's success was optimized inventory management. We introduced a robust inventory management system for both individual and bundled products, guaranteeing seamless availability and instilling confidence in customers. By maintaining optimal stock levels and reducing instances of out-of-stock items, we elevated the overall customer experience and maximized sales opportunities, thereby driving heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Dynamic pricing tactics

To further boost sales, we employed dynamic pricing strategies aimed at elevating the perceived value of Avon's products. This encompassed implementing discounts, value sets, and introducing seasonal offers, as well as limited-time promotions, to incentivize purchases and drive customer engagement. Through strategic pricing adjustments informed by market dynamics and consumer behavior, we crafted compelling value propositions that encouraged conversions and heightened sales volume.

Strategic product presentation and upsell tactics

In tandem with strategic pricing, we prioritized optimizing product presentation to captivate customers and drive purchase decisions. Our team crafted visually appealing bundle product offer widgets for the product page and utilized A/B testing to refine the presentation and messaging for optimal impact. This effort also encompassed implementing upsell pop-ups to remind customers of missed benefits. By creating compelling and informative product displays, we successfully engaged customers, heightening their likelihood of making a purchase and thereby contributing to overall sales growth.

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