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"Work with MakeBeCool is the example of planning, execution, and delivering. The team is very knowledgeable and flexible! It is the shopify plus customer service we would recommend to everyone.”

We focus on exceeding expectations

Any business needs a roadmap for development. However, when it comes to Shopify theme development, a professional agency comes to the rescue.

For American Uncle, we developed a custom theme to cover business needs and deliver the store that will impress with the conversions and sales.

By implementing best practices, our own expertise, and the results of comprehensive research, we managed to find and implement the best solutions for American Uncle.

Maximizing opportunities. Minimizing roadblocks.

For us, it was not enough to deliver the results that satisfy American Uncle. We aimed at satisfying the customers of our partners.

We started with conversion rate optimization, but in the process we understood that optimization would not be enough to satisfy the customers. Therefore, we decided on redesigning the website.

To reach settled goals, we conducted analysis and competitor research. Also, our scope of work of American Uncle included:

  • improving conversion rate results;
  • redesigning existing website, that resulted in creating a new, more effective theme;
  • ensuring bug-free front-end implementation.

The truth is in numbers. They tell more than words

Sometimes, a full redesign is the only option for reaching a satisfying conversion rate. In the case of American Uncle, we reached more than 75% from initial numbers by implementing a new design. But the final results depend on various factors, and the conversion rate is only one of them.

Our strategy helped American Uncle to achieve these numbers:

  • Adds to cart increased +170%
  • Orders increased +156%
  • Purchases increased +181%

We know what’s better for your business. And we choose the strategy that works for you

For American Uncle, we implemented the following services:

  • Shopify theme development
    The initial request of the company did not include theme development. But after a careful analysis, together with American Uncle we came to the conclusion that current design would not make them a number one store of American food in Italy. Therefore, we developed and implemented a totally new theme.
  • Shopify optimization
    High conversion rate is the first step to high revenue. Our strategy included reaching the highest possible numbers to make sure that the users won’t just come to the website, but also will become loyal clients.
  • Shopify maintenance
    We know that website maintenance takes business resources. We save your time and money by supporting the store and improving its performance.

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