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“Working with MakeBeCool was a great experience. We’ve ordered shopify theme development for our company, and we were impressed with the high quality of provided services. We are absolutely happy with the results!”

Beautiful businesses deserve beautiful solutions

Think about how your website reflects your business. Solid? Impressive? Frequently, one word is enough. And for Color by Felix, we’ve chosen the word beautiful.

Color by Felix is a painting academy. A great-looking design is important for such a business. However, it’s also important to create a beautiful (read: effective) UX and introduce beautiful (read: important) features.

Supporting the big idea of Color by Felix, we started to work on this project. Step by step, we moved closer to the expected results.

We find the weak spots and replace them with strengths

If your website has some weak points, it does not mean the website is bad. It means that there is space for improvement!

With Color by Felix, we found all their weak spots and developed a plan to fix these issues and replace them with solutions to help the business grow faster. Here is what we’ve done for that:

  • Redesigning the Color by Felix website.
  • Integrating new features.
  • Developing e-store.

Are you satisfied with your website performance? Ask Color by Felix!

Even the most nice-looking websites do not impress with their performance. We believe that this can and must be changed! For Color by Felix, we've created a store that impresses with the performance numbers yet remains attractive and aesthetic.

  • developing a new UI for a website;
  • implementing a new design into the Shopify store.

We help to create a new way. Your customers look at you

For Color by Felix, we implemented the following services:

  • Shopify theme development
    We redesigned the Color by Felix website, considering the CRO report and wireframes
    provided by the company. Also, we created Shopify online store with art supplies, paintings,
    and merchandise.
  • Shopify integration
    We want to deliver the best experience to website visitors. Thus, we develop and integrate
    custom features they need. No useless integrations. We empower your website to improve
    its performance.

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