Aware Nutrition


Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness
  • 25% AOV growth
  • 12% Total sales increase

Despite a strong brand identity and commitment to quality, Aware Nutrition encountered limitations in achieving their desired online sales growth:Establishing a strong digital footprint and effectively reaching their target audience proved challenging.Lack of in-depth customer data and actionable insights hindered informed decision-making regarding marketing strategies and product offerings.

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Successful partnership

Successful partnership between MakeBeCool Growth Services and Aware Nutrition, a leading Swedish supplement brand. We delve into the initial challenges faced by Aware Nutrition in the competitive online supplement market and how MakeBeCool's comprehensive approach transformed their business.

Data Analytics & Insights

MakeBeCool's data analysis empowered Aware Nutrition to tailor their product offerings and marketing strategies, leading to a 25% increase in Average Order Value (AOV). Customers were purchasing more per transaction due to targeted product recommendations and a strategic website experience.

Boost Sales and Revenue

Our targeted bundling approach using bestsellers, often with free items, resulted in a 25% increase in combined sales compared to individual product sales.

Accelerate New Product Adoption

Pairing new products with established bestsellers through bundles effectively increased new product contribution to total sales by 12% within just 3 months. By implementing this data-driven and multifaceted approach, MakeBeCool successfully propelled Aware Nutrition's online sales growth.

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