• 67% Revenue growth
  • 25% AOV growth
  • Ongoing from 2022

We enabled the partner to engage in marketing and product improvement, taking responsibility for conversion rates, AOV, and increasing the number of subscriptions. Our team made significant changes to the sales funnel and product selection, as well as the selection of additional products to create bundles. Here are some of these experiments

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"The new site is much more user-friendly and has received positive feedback from users. Moreover, MakeBeCool was able to add valuable features. The team delivers on time, communicates effectively via Slack, and keeps up with tasks using ClickUp. Their responsiveness and dedication stand out."

Christian Saitner
Founder & CEO at ingarden inc

Automatize the amount of refill packs to choose

Depending on the buyer's choice of a subscription or a one-time purchase, a different number of refill packs are offered, pre-installed in the order. This helps motivate customers to choose a subscription, and also increases the average receipt for one-time purchases.

Add funnel step “extras”

In the last phase of order creation, we introduced a special product category to complement the products selected by the customer and are likely to be added to the order. Due to this, our partner has an additional tool to increase the number of subscriptions, as well as the AOV. We tested additional products as subscription bonuses, significantly improving subscription conversion rates.

Communication and navigation

To improve the overall conversion rate of the entire funnel, we took steps to refine the user experience. Additional communication and navigation elements were introduced to provide customers with clear guidance on their current stage in the process. This enhancement empowers users by offering transparency about what subsequent actions are necessary for them.

Collection and use of reviews

We've worked on chains of emails and communication that motivates to leave reviews. Customer focus on product quality and user satisfaction. All this made it possible to significantly increase the conversion of reviews and use them to increase conversion in the sales funnel by demonstrating social proof.

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