"The new site is much more user-friendly and has received positive feedback from users. Moreover, MakeBeCool was able to add valuable features. The team delivers on time, communicates effectively via Slack, and keeps up with tasks using ClickUp. Their responsiveness and dedication stand out."

Optimizing Shopify user experience with no hassle

Our team completed several tasks to help Ingarden improve its Shopify page: optimize it for a more convenient UX, enhance business processes, and make this page usage easier and more efficient.

The client wanted us to make a branded, well-designed Shopify marketplace for selling nutrients and helping customers find exactly what they need within a few moments. That's why we had to redesign every page and element on the platform. We madee them more intuitive, interactive, and customizable.

To make the project timeline as optimized as possible, we've used the agile frameworks and discovered the key UI/UX trends to implement them on the client's page. This helped us pick the most appropriate elements that fit your business needs and satisfy their customers' requirements.

Shopify page development for better user experience

We have helped Ingarden develop a list of milestones based on their business needs and the analysis conducted to define the key priorities. We figured out that the website needed a more convenient, consistent design, so we had to improve the outlook of every page visible to customers.

We have worked on the following pages:

  • Homepage
  • Funnel page
  • Microgreens page
  • Product page
  • Blog posts
  • Other sitemap-related pages

Custom solutions for your Shopify page made easy and efficient  

As Shopify experts, we understand the importance of creating customizable solutions and experiences while having a marketplace on Shopify. We helped Ingarden attract more potential clients by designing every page from scratch.

Here's what we've done to help our client:

  • We provided fast and convenient access to a personal account page
  • Our team facilitated the checkout process and added multiple payment options 
  • We developed all the pages based on the client's needs to make sure they reach every goal they've set out to 
  • Our experts helped integrate convenient filters and a Favorites section to get back to favorite items right away
  • We also helped migrate the page from Woocommerce to Shopify, as the latter has great potential for eCommerce operations

We help you develop, migrate, and customize websites, making them rock on Shopify. Want to see how?

For Ingarden, we provided the following services:

Our team has faced several key challenges throughout the project. We had to help Ingarden improve the quality of the client's Shopify page, optimize and simplify the UX, and, thus, improve the variety of business operations a company can conduct via the platform.

We thoroughly worked on editing every element of the website. To do so, we worked on design mockups provided by the client, adjusted them to the Shopify Dawn theme, and integrated the required apps to ensure proper page navigation.

This way, we could ensure that every page looks intuitive and unanimous in terms of design and interface. We have prepared a detailed Gantt chart to optimize every development stage and ensure the timeline fits our capabilities and the client's schedule.

Finally, we helped customize the Shopify page to help users enjoy the experience and use the website as efficiently as possible to process transactions and orders. We have created a wholesome, consistent Shopify page that allows users quickly get where they need and improve their shopping experience using custom elements and add-ons.

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