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"MakeBeCool's design has successfully increased the company's conversion rate to a satisfying level, which helps secure a long-term partnership with the client. The team primarily collaborates on email, Figma, and Shopify. Moreover, despite the time difference, they work within the timelines."

Prompt and seamless Shopify store setup for your business

We received a request from one of our clients, Mine Baseball, to help set up an intuitive, consistent Shopify store page. The client's key goals were improving the conversion rates, setting up a new Shopify store page with smooth, intuitive navigation, and maintaining the business's professional image.

To help the client create a well-groomed Shopify store page, we had to set up a precise work schedule and hire a team of front-end developers and UI/UX designers. We also assigned a Project Manager to monitor the team's performance, keep track of deadlines, and provide timely reports to the client's management team.

Increase your store's conversion rates

To ensure higher conversion rates, having an informative, well-structured store page is of utmost importance. Moreover, it has to load fast and lead customers to relevant, up-to-date information. To help our client with that, we've developed a detailed workflow chart and set clear milestones.

In Mine Baseball's case, we had to complete five key tasks to launch a Shopify page successfully:

  • Design and wireframing of the main page, including UI/UX elements
  • Design of the subsequent pages, including UI/UX elements
  • Implementation of the approved designs

To fill the Shopify store with necessary product information and convenient shopping opportunities, we've added pages like Collection, Cart, Contact Us, About, and Products. We've also created Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy pages to ensure the store page looks more trustworthy and businesslike.

Tailor-made Shopify themes for improved branding

To help make a Shopify page more attractive and appealing to a target audience, we developed a custom theme that would highlight the key branding elements, including logos, corporate colors, fonts, and images. We also wanted to make the store page as easy to navigate as possible and added minimalistic UI/UX elements to improve the page's convenience for customers.

We also had to ensure every visual element was in place and there were no glitches on the store page.

With us, you'll get a well-groomed Shopify store for your business. Want to try?

For Mine Baseball, we provided the following services:

Before the release of a brand-new Shopify store, we completed five major milestones and made sure every visual, button, and link worked flawlessly. We also made the page fast and well-optimized for multiple types of platforms and gadgets.  

Thanks to our Project Manager and a well-organized team, we have completed each milestone on time without significant issues or the need to re-do any element of the store. That's why the client has successfully released the project according to the required timeline. 

The Shopify store page turned out to be slick, fast, and informative. We helped to achieve the client’s goal of looking professional and trustworthy and implemented branding elements to make the store memorable and attractive to users.

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