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"The client applauded MakeBeCool's website for its easy-to-navigate UX. The team stayed on track by communicating via Slack. Their patience and proactive approach were hallmarks of their work."

Custom and stylish Shopify pages available for everyone

The client asked our team to set up and configure a new Shopify page based on their existing website and its design elements. We were also responsible for the page launch, customization, and UX enhancement.

To complete all these challenges and ensure a smooth product launch, we hired design, QA, and development teams with a Project Manager responsible for progress monitoring, reporting, and communication with the client.

Make your Shopify page stand out

As a professional team, we understand the importance of maintaining the company's style and tone of voice while setting up a Shopify product page. That's why we incorporated the style the company represented on the original website. Yet, our team added the necessary UI/UX elements to facilitate navigation. It made the essential features as convenient to reach as possible. 

We also provided a client with a range of custom themes for the page and adjusted it to its business needs. Our design team provided a series of draft options and solutions that would improve the page's intuitiveness and accessibility. 

One of the main tasks was pre-launch product testing. Our QA specialists ran several types of quality checks that included:

  • Performance testing
  • Functionality testing
  • Page load time 
  • Integration testing
  • Safety testing

Shopify store setup with personalized customer solutions 

We incorporated a bundle creator feature to help Banana Beauty reach better conversion rates and gain customer loyalty. It allowed users to make their bundles and enjoy discounted prices on them. We also kept bundle suggestions offered by the company and special discounts on particular products. 

Finally, to make purchases even more convenient for international users, we made sure the localized Shopify pages showed prices in the local currency. This helped minimize the time required to make a purchase and eliminated the need to use external currency converters. We also made sure customers could process transactions by choosing from various payment options.

We will set up your marketplace on Shopify and make it stand out. Want to try?

For Banana Beauty, we provided the following services:

Overall, we have completed five project milestones, including QA testing, development, and design-related tasks. Our team also hired a Project Manager to monitor performance, keep track of task completion, and provide progress reports to the client.

We helped Banana Beauty develop and launch a custom Shopify page that perfectly reflects the company's positioning, tone of voice, and vision. Our design team implemented the design elements from the original website, including buttons, fonts, color palette, and icons. It helped the client maintain brand awareness and customize their Shopify page. 

By implementing custom features and localized pages, we helped increase customer loyalty in a range of new regions, facilitate on-page navigation, and accelerate the purchase process by adding prices in local currencies and various payment methods. 

As a result, the client's Shopify page looked authentic, intuitive, and informative. In addition, developing custom features and localized pages increased page performance metrics and helped enhance the level of customer loyalty over a shorter period.

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