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“This is a service we would recommend to any business. When we hired Shopify virtual assistants, we started to grow faster, as all routine tasks were now processed by assistants. Thanks, MBC, for such a chance to grow and not to think about emails!”

Your business devesves the most effective solutions

Your business may need everything at once: a good website, fully customized features, integrated 3-rd party systems, support, and maintenance. And that’s ok!

We know that hiring different experts to work on different website aspects is daunting. Moreover, the overall results are not impressive. But when everything is made by one team, and each member knows their responsibilities - the results are fantastic.

We decided to work closely and discuss all integrations and changes from the very first day of cooperation with Eve Devices. Our aim was to create an effective website, and it’s impossible without communication.

Making virtual assistant the part of your business

How your website looks is important. How your website feels is important. How your visitors enjoy the communication with your company is also important. We know that.

For Eve Devices, we created a website that is visually perfect and easy-to-use, and enjoyable for customers. And, of course, we made everything possible to improve the communication between Eve Devices and their customers!

  • Integrating with Zendesk and email subscriptions.
  • Updating design and creating new pages.
  • Providing technical support and website maintenance.

Be helping you. We help ourselves

Your numbers are important for you. And they are also important for us! We want to create websites that work for businesses. Thus, we analyze how the implemented changes affect the overall results.

For Eve Devices, the numbers are:

  • average request process time increased by 500%;
  • average saving on cancellation and returns increased by 1000%;
  • average workload on BizDev decreased by 70% by modernization and optimization of business processed and time management;
  • average increase of effectiveness increased by 300%;
  • customer satisfaction rate increased by 97%.

Whatever you need. Whatever you want

For Eve Devices, we implemented the following services:

  • Shopify theme development
    No matter how great your products or services may be, visitors will leave it if your website has a poor UX and unattractive design. Thus, we create Shopify themes that are loved by people who reach your website.
  • Shopify integration
    For Eve Devices, we integrated widgets and apps to improve communication with visitors and existing clients. And it worked! If you also need any kind of Shopify integration - let us know!
  • Shopify maintenance
    We keep improving the Eve Devices website day after day. When something is wrong, we immediately fix the problem. That’s why our customers love us, and their customers choose their services!

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