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“We were extremely disappointed with the conversion rate of our store. We needed professional help with the redesign and redeveloping, so we decided tto try working with MakeBeCool. Honestly, we’re surprised by the enthusiasm and the number of ideas MBC has! We were satisfied from the very first moment of our cooperation and to the final result.“

Online education. Made easy

Bring your education process to the next level! Go online and let your customers watch online courses whenever they want.

We help to break the boundaries with Shopify development for online events. For BlueShiftCoding we redesigned and redeveloped website pages in such a way to make online education more attractive and affordable for the customers.

We’re sure: if you want to go online, you can do that. And we’ll help you with that!

The world is changing. Be ready to adopt these changes

Your business must be present online. No matter what you offer, you can always find a way to satisfy your clients with online services. Have no idea how to do that? We’ll find the answer!

  • Creating a new design for website pages
  • Developing apps and features needed for the business
  • Increasing revenue by going online

Take this decision. Go online

We know how to make your website work for your business. Trust this on us: set your expectations, and we’ll find the way to meet them.

Every business is unique. We’ll find the tools to make you successful

Whatever you may want, we can help you decide whether your business will benefit from implementing these features. We use our own expertise and business best practice to deliver the best results for you.

  • Shopify theme development
    For BlueShiftCoding, we developed a visual representation for a website that perfectly suits business needs.
  • Shopify Customization
    We believe that any business needs a personal approach. Therefore, for BlueShiftCoding we developed personalized solutions for better results.
  • Shopify store setup & configuration
    To meet all BlueShiftCoding needs, we set up a Shopify store and worked on store configurations.

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