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"Makebecool is our partner. We’re so proud to work with these guys: we’ve never expected to get such a level of service in the Shopify theme development area… Managements skills, work of developers and designers, communication - we loved everything. Thank you!"

Success in business starts with essentials

For UltraVit, success means health. A healthy approach to life is also vital for the business idea: selling food supplements essential for a wholesome and balanced diet.

Reaching new markets with a brand new, user-friendly design was one of the main purposes of UltraVit. For us, it was a challenge that we accepted!

We believe that success starts with essential things: great design, the most effective choice of features, and perfect communication.

Reach any market with Make Be Cool services

No matter where you are now, we are ready to help you reach better results. Our team of professionals will create a Shopify theme that will speak for your business. We’re gurus of optimization, so your store will be unique and easy to use!

Whatever you want: we do it for you. Just like we did for UltraVit!

  • Creating a new theme perfect for the German market
  • Setting up “coming soon” feature and 1C integration
  • Strategizing further updates and bundles

It’s time to grow. Never miss this chance!

Every improvement that you make brings you closer to success. Just check these numbers: you will be impressed how UltraVit managed to grow with a new theme.

We choose the proper strategy for every company

For UltraVit, we implemented the following services:

  • Shopify theme development
    A new theme that speaks for the business. Our designers delivered the idea behind the business in the most attractive way.
  • Shopify Optimization
    The store must be optimized to be successful. We’ve done everything to reach this. Now, UltraVit enjoys a fully optimized Shopify store.
  • Shopify Maintenance
    Business never stays the same. That’s why we keep improving the UltraVit store to keep it in the highest positions of the market.

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The results we succeed



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