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“We’ve been looking for CRM Shopify integration that will cover all our basic needs like sending emails, SMS, and introducing live chat to the website. First, we thought about custom solutions, but when we found RetailCRM by MakeBeCool, we decided to try it. And that was the right decision!”

Does your business need a CRM? Try by MakeBeCool!

Stop wasting your time. Your business must be optimized. With, your sales and customer services will get a boost to reach new heights. It is made with business goals and user-friendliness in mind.

We developed a app for businesses striving to grow faster and deliver market-changing services.

Try We automate the processes and provide you with the whole range of analytics tools you may need. You won’t regret it.

Offering comprehensive approach to sales and customer service

You need to collect user data and use it for better communication. You need to know the customer journey and support every step with texts, emails, or phone calls. You need to take this under your control.

We know how to do that. And we put our experience into the app:

  • personalized texts and emails that are sent automatically;
  • comprehensive analytics for customers, products, orders, and advertising sources;
  • open API for integration with delivery services, warehouse systems, telephony, order sources, fulfillment services, etc.

The results will impress you. As they impressed us app turns sales into an automatized process that requires minimal efforts from your managers and brings surprising results to the team.

Development of 
Finding the way to improve your business stats

Our main goals in developing the app were as following:

  • Single window app
    Due to two-way synchronization between the store and, your managers can work in a single window without switching between different programs and tabs.
  • Data collecting helps to collect and process data on a client card. All information you may need is always available in one place.
  • Extended analytics
    With, you get margin, turnover, product statistics, and other analytics in one interface.

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The results we succeed



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