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“For us, developing and introducing custom solutions for Shopify integration was of the top importance. MBC provided a calculator for bike booking, boxing, and delivery. So now our communication with clients has moved to the next level. As well as our income!”

Let’s customize your Shopify store!

You need to stand out from your competitors. Everyone says that. But how can you do that online? With the help of your website!

If you want to impress your visitors, add the features that they actually need. Don’t know what exactly? We’ll help you! We will analyze your target audience and your competitors. Thus, we define key points to be covered with custom widgets and apps. And we will develop them. Right for your needs.

For Sendbike, we developed custom apps that were important for the business: online calculators for bike booking, boxing, and delivery. It was challenging. But the results are astonishing!

Your website can perform better and we help with that!

Gone are the days when basic product information was enough to make a purchase or order service. Now we want to get at least some experience from the very first clicks. With Sendbike, we managed to deliver both captivating and useful experiences for clients and wrapped it into a great design.

At every step of our journey, we asked ourselves: have we done everything to get the best outcome? And the answer was yes. Every time.

  • Increasing sales by improving UX and UI for Shopify store.
  • Developing and integrating new features.
  • Providing technical support.

Impressed by custom solutions? Check the results!

We know that it’s easy to get impressed by the words. However, we have something more exciting - the numbers proving that the approach we choose is working.

From design to Shopify maintenance. We have everything you need

For Sendbike, we implemented the following services:

  • Shopify theme development
    Both Sendbike and we wanted to create a website that will be a pleasant surprise for visitors.
    We developed UI and UX for the store and implemented all our design ideas with the help of
    front-end development.
  • Shopify integration
    Additionally, we developed and integrated custom features to improve the communication
    and interaction with the users. For Sendbike, we created a calculator for bike booking,
    boxing, and bike delivery.
  • Shopify maintenance
    It’s vital to keep a website up to date. And it’s important to be sure that everything is fine and
    works perfectly, just like you planned. We take all concerns on us and fix the problems that
    may appear!

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