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"We're so happy to have Makebecool as our partner! The app that the guys created for us exceeded all our expectations. Now we can easily manage data between Shopify and Optily with no extra hassle. We've been trying to implement that for ages, and now we handle it all way faster and better. We're definitely looking forward to working on more projects with the team — thank you for such a professional job!"

Simple and fast data transfer — any type, any size

Our team created an app that would transfer data from Shopify ad campaigns and store it in the client's application, Optily. Proper data management, especially when it comes to digital ads, is a crucial part of success for companies involved in eCommerce.

To make it as convenient and helpful as possible, we developed an app that would collect any amount of data from Facebook and Google Ads generated for Shopify. This helps to keep track of all the campaigns, their effectiveness, and frequency. This is useful not just for marketing reports but also for the analysts and investors. 

Working with tons of data can be complicated. We wanted to make this process simpler and more pleasant. That's why we created this app with regard to the latest UX trends and made it super easy to use. However, we added a bunch of customized features and detailed insights.

Unlimited opportunities for getting insights in real-time

To make Optily easily accessible for every merchant, we ensured that it is present in the Shopify App Store and contains all the necessary information and reports for productive usage. 

Here's a quick overview of what exactly we've prepared for the new app to ensure its efficiency:

  • We enabled easy access to a Shopify account via Optily 
  • We've tried to make the app 100% helpful for every merchant. That's why users will find any data and reports they might need for their businesses 
  • As Shopify experts, we know how important it is to keep track of all the eCommerce metrics and their dynamics over time. That's why we made it possible to segment data by year, month, or day.

Plus, with our customizable data overview options, users are able to pick the information they want to observe and analyze. With Optily, they can:

  • See the store order count and the sales revenue for a given period of time
  • Add and remove metrics columns to get custom data insights for their needs
  • Calculate an average order value
  • Easily sort data from any column

Complex data reports made simple and intuitive!

Our app not just helps to transfer data from Shopify to Optily but also creates an easy-to-use yet advanced ecosystem. Here, users can see detailed reports and transaction flows, manage their subscriptions, and analyze the possible future market trends to sell even better.

We create custom, complex, and intuitive apps to meet your every need. Want to try?

For Optily, we provided the following service: Shopify app development.

We create customized, comprehensive apps to make data analysis and ads management easier and more pleasant. The major milestones of the Optily project were database architecture development, API integration, and an Admin Panel creation. 

We wanted to make database architecture comprehensive and customizable. It is necessary for compiling reports and creating connections between the metrics users need at the moment. With our Optily app, users can modify, replace, and alter the data just the way they want.

The Admin Panel is one of the most important elements of our client's application. That's why we added everything users need for running their eCommerce campaigns with no hassle. All sales channels, analytics, and marketing tools like discounts, products, and customers are now kept in one place. No need to scroll or switch between different pages anymore!

The project required both frontend and backend development. Our team came up with a minimalistic, professionally-looking design and combined it with the latest analytics tools and intuitive profile management. We added quick access to account settings, Subscription Manager, and support requests.

Finally, with our API integration, we helped our client to easily connect their Shopify account with Optily to transfer data from connected tools like Facebook or Google Ads. Our project managers made sure every step was properly tested before the launch.

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