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“The team’s technology and business expertise to optimize shopify store speed were helpful at every step. Costs were reasonable given the project's complexity and the high-quality result.“

Want to migrate to Shopify? We’re ready to help!

Shopify is one of the leading platforms for e-commerce. It’s quite clear why you want to migrate your website from any other platform to Shopify. However, the desire is not enough. Migration is a complex process, and it requires a professional approach.

For Grossoshop, we've developed a migration strategy and a plan for store redesign. UI and UX improvement was also necessary for better performance.

All the changes were made after a thorough analysis conducted by CRO and UX experts. Therefore, we knew what exactly was wrong with the previous design and how we could fix the problems in a new one.

Every issue has a solution and we find it

It’s almost impossible to predict what your visitors want to see on your website unless you do some research. We believe that any website improvements or changes should start with this step.

Only in this way can we be sure that we act according to the plan created to lead us to amazing results. For Grossoshop, after a preliminary research, we developed this strategy:

  • Migrate all pages to Shopify.
  • Conduct UI and UX redesign to improve performance.
  • Install widgets and apps to make a website more user-friendly.

We made the research. But what's the outcome?

Our efforts were worth the results. We expected a certain growth in numbers. And we’re reached even more than we’ve wanted.

  • Conversion rate increased +41,25%
  • Income increased +38,47%

We know what your business needs. And we’re ready to help you out!

For Grossoshop, we implemented the following services:

  • Shopify migration
    To ensure better performance, we helped Grossoshop migrate to Shopify. We kept all data, and safely transferred information, supporting Grossoshop to extend their reach as a Shopify ecommerce website.
  • Shopify theme development
    Do you want to exceed your clients’ expectations? We do. That’s why we are ready to redesign your website: both UI and UX. In this way, your business and your customers get a website that is helpful and beautiful.
  • Shopify integration
    Sometimes, Shopify tools are not enough to turn your ideas into reality. In these cases, we find 3-rd party systems that can be integrated with Shopify and help you to deliver superb services.

Goals and problems of the customer


For this project, we created design, development, marketing research and performed data migration from OpenCart to Shopify platform.


We have done clear and fast data migration to Shopify with no problems. At the same time, our marketer and UX-analysis conduct marketing research and created a website map that brings conversions. Then we created a stylish and user-friendly design and development strategy.

The results we succeed



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