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"Redirects work perfectly. If you don't need a lot of settings, then this app will completely suit you."

Set up URL redirects for your store

Get ready to scale your business! Geo Redirects is the first tool you need to establish your presence in other markets.

Set up automatic URLs and change redirect rules with no extra effort. Geo Redirects App allows introducing any changes directly in the app.

No more pain with redirects. Everything gets easy with Geo Redirects.

Absolutely customizable Satisfying any business needs

Make Be Cool is by your side. Supporting you on the way to growth, we create app kits that have everything you may need. Geo Redirects is one of the tools that make processes less complicated.

It’s free on devstore. An additional point to try it now.

  • Create 301 redirects. They will be automatically sent to different locations.
  • Cover all paths to new targets. Don’t lose your clients anymore.
  • Use location by IP address. And redirect users to the URLs you need.

Redirection has never been more affordable

We save your time – and save your money. No need to pay on devstore. You enjoy all the benefits of the kit and keep working with your multilocation audience as a pro.

Never stop on your way to success

We at Make Be Cool believe: every business deserves a special approach. Therefore, our apps are easily customizable. You can customize Geo Redirects just as you need and enjoy all benefits of the kit for your store.

  • User-friendly interface
    Our designers managed to create an app that is easy to use: you see the difference from the very first moments. Everything you need is at your fingertips.
  • Guidelines for users
    Do any questions appear? Use detailed guidelines to find answers. Using a Shopify app has never been easier. We promise.
  • Tested by QA
    The success of the app depends on the success of all processes. Testing is one of the vital steps we make to develop perfect apps that benefit your business.

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