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"We’ve been looking for a company that could help us develop a store for the Western market. MBC became our partners and worked with us as a part of the team. They supported us during the active store development and became more than contractors for us.”

Bringing sports nutrition to a new level

When you create your first online store, you may not even think that the platform you choose can become decisive when you’re ready to scale the business to other markets.

It happened to VPlab, a new generation premium-quality sports nutrition company. They started store development focusing on PrestaShop CMS but quickly switched to Shopify. It was the right decision that gave VPlab a chance to grow worldwide.

Together with VPlab, we focused on developing a store that will become a number one choice in their segment.

Scaling is challenging. We’re here to help you!

Choosing Shopify as a platform for an online store is not enough to scale business to other markets. However, if you are working with a team of professionals who know what to do to
scale your business, you can expect success.

After creating an attractive theme for VPlab, we continued to work by adding the most demanding features and polishing the interface with apps and extras. For now, VPlab has
reached the following results:

  • creating and launching an online store that drives customers to buy goods;
  • creating and launching a new product Ultravit.

Rising visibility. Ensuring stability.

If your website has great visuals, it does not matter that it will be enough to get high in the search engines and keep your users engaged. Therefore, before developing a visual story,
we conduct a competitive analysis and define what elements your website must have to become visible online.

After that, we develop a strategy to ensure stability that resulted in these numbers:

  • Adds to cart increased +170%
  • Orders increased +156%
  • Purchases increased +181%

We find the solution. That highlights your advantages

For VPlab, we implemented the following services:

  • Shopify theme development
    For VPlab, we created a unique custom Shopify theme and enriched it with various extras important for business growth.
  • Shopify optimization
    Making the store visible was one of our main goals. We’ve made everything possible to ensure great visibility and optimize the website so customers can easily find it in any search
  • Shopify maintenance
    We keep working on the VPlab website and help with technical issues and website improvements.

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