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"With MakeBeCool's development expertise, the company successfully launched the application quickly and easily, which was a major achievement for the business. The team led a responsive project management and met the agreed deadlines. Their professionalism and friendliness stood out."

Tailor-made Shopify app development for any kind of marketplace

Our team was challenged to develop a Shopify app for an all-purpose shipping service. Creating an app helps businesses enhance user experience and enjoy the opportunity of interacting with the services in a personalized way.

The needs we had to cover while working on the project were the following:

  • Front-end development based on the Figma design templates
  • MVP launch for testing the assumption that a more function-rich app would have better conversion
  • Shopify app marketing consultation

To manage these processes and ensure the most effective task completion and guidance, we also provided a Project Manager who took care of organizational matters. This helped us keep track of deadlines and maintain a proper project timeline.

Shopify app development and integration tailored to your business needs

Our client already had a live Calcurates app integrated into Shopify's ecosystem to process and manage delivery orders. Our task was to make it an MVP — a more helpful solution rich in extra features. 

We also had to test if the app becomes more scalable and attractive to users while having multiple options and custom features. Our team was assigned to run conversion tests and see if this assumption worked for Calcurates.

Here's a quick recap of the task updates we've received upon project completion:

  • The front-end version of the app was done regarding design templates and requirements
  • The MVP was successfully launched
  • The assumption was tested and proven to be correct

Convenient Shopify app experiences made 100% accessible   

We implemented a range of features to ensure every client can enjoy the app's intuitiveness and convenience. They allow customers to quickly process any request or transaction inside the app without needing to reach the website or contact the team directly.

We have added a dashboard that includes all the shipping rates for the required and available services. This allows customers to compare the pricing models and choose the best option for them. We also added several custom settings for managing personal accounts and payment information. Finally, we added a billing function that allows processing payments immediately and receiving transaction details for personal use.

See how we help our clients develop and integrate mobile apps into the Shopify ecosystem!

For Calcurates, our team provided the following service:

The key challenges we faced were creating a high-quality front-end version of the mobile app and adding special custom features for managing ongoing orders. Our team has also successfully launched the MVP and run conversion tests. This helped us prove that a multi-functional app like Calcurates can attract more potential users and increase conversion rates.

We also managed to improve the overall UX of the app. Our team has added a convenient, comprehensive dashboard to compare delivery prices and determine the specific options for each request.

Our team has also created a stylish, intuitive front-end design for the app so that customers can easily find a necessary section and a dashboard. A personal account page is quite a valuable feature for apps like Calcurates. Users can easily keep track of their orders and store information regarding the previous ones, see the payment history, and add the most suitable payment method for making an instant transaction. 

All in all, our team helped Calcurates make a more helpful, informative, and interactive app, allowing customers quickly find what they need and easily process and secure orders.

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