How Icarus Kite & Foil Center Increased Bundle Sales by 140%

Use cases

Today we are introducing Icarus Kite & Foil Center: Empowering Thrill-Seeking Water Enthusiasts for over 10 years! Icarus is a fast-growing store in Belgium (Europe) with a young and dynamic top team, committed to providing the best equipment for those seeking adventure on the waves. 🌊

The Problem: Presenting and Managing Bundle Inventory

For beginners in the water sports realm, getting the right equipment is crucial. They often opt for complete sets, commonly known as package deals. 📦

Icarus Kite & Foil Center was facing a challenge: they wanted to increase their sales of bundle kits, but they were having trouble tracking the inventory of the individual products that made up the bundles. This was making it difficult to present the bundles inventory on their website and in-store

Icarus places bundles both in collections and collects them in separate collections presented in the site menu
While tracking individual items in the inventory was relatively easy & under control, managing and presenting bundle inventory posed a challenge.

Ensuring a clear visual representation of the bundles on the website and in-store was essential to meet the needs of their customers. However, the process required a solution that streamlined inventory management and showcased bundles seamlessly.

Solving the Problem: Enter the MBC Bundle Products App

Icarus turned to the MBC Bundle Products App 📲 to address their bundle management woes. The store was particularly interested in the Mix&Match bundle pattern and enabling instant purchases directly from the collection page. With the support of the helpful development team, Icarus swiftly implemented the customization they needed. 💡

How Icarus bundles are presented inside the collection page
The results were outstanding! The MBC Bundle Products App allows for the perfect presentation of our 37 unique bundles. Customers could easily explore various combinations of well-known brands and Icarus' own in-house products.

Highlighting the Results

Due to the MBC Bundle Products App usage, Icarus Kite & Foil Center experienced phenomenal results! Not only did their bundle sales increase by an impressive 140% 🚀 in 6 months, but the Average Order Value (AOV) also saw a substantial 24% increase in the same period. 🎉

Icarus bundle on the product page. Due to Mix&Match pattern, the user can choose the color and size of the bundled gear

The success of the bundle strategy was remarkable so Icarus now has plans to open a new shop later this year. With the website showcasing bundles flawlessly and inventory management streamlined, Icarus continues to satisfy the needs of their adventure-seeking customers while thriving as a business.

Experience the Thrill with Icarus Kite & Foil Center and Unleash the Power of Bundles!

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