MakeBeCool Recognized by GoodFirms as the Best Company to Work With

March 26, 2024


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eCommerce development has revolutionized the retail industry, offering unmatchable convenience and accessibility to customers. Platforms like Shopify have emerged as market leaders, empowering businesses to create robust customizable online stores effortlessly and achieve global reach, better business opportunities, and scalability. Shopify’s user-friendly interface and exceptional user experience allow businesses to streamline their operations, enhance customer engagement, and drive growth and success in the modern digital marketplace. Businesses are thus looking for the top eCommerce development companies specializing in Shopify growth and maintenance services to build innovative eCommerce solutions that enable them to enhance performance and upsurge profits at affordable prices.

GoodFirms has recognized MakeBeCool for its specialized skills, quality, and vast experience that put the Company as one of the top industry leaders and market influencers through the Leaders Matrix program, and was identified as the “Best Company to Work With.” Based in Estonia, MakeBeCool is an all-round strategic partner for Shopify development, growth, and maintenance for businesses worldwide. Through its best-in-class services and customized strategies, the company helps businesses of all sizes create customized eCommerce platforms to enhance their online presence, attract customers, stand out among the competitors, and expand globally.

For the year 2024, GoodFirms named MakeBeCool as the “Best Company to Work With”

If you are looking for the top eCommerce development companies excelling in Shopify development services, MakeBeCool is the perfect IT services partner for your business, recognized by GoodFirms Leaders Matrix. Right from its inception, the company has been delivering high-quality Shopify services and solutions to its clients, including Shopify theme development, migration, and maintenance, enabling them to reap the maximum benefit from their eCommerce platforms. MakeBeCool values its clients’ varied business needs and leaves no stone unturned to build unique, tailored solutions to fulfill their requirements. The company takes pride in creating immense success and growth for businesses, earning numerous happy clients, and growing with them by delivering exceptional services. GoodFirms recently recognized MakeBeCool as the "Best Company to Work With" in 2024.

MakeBeCool - Vision, Strength & Scope

As an experienced Shopify development services company, MakeBeCool leverages its domain knowledge, resources, and expertise to provide industry-leading eCommerce solutions that bring remarkable results to the clients and help them thrive. The company follows a customer-oriented development approach in its projects, involving its clients in eliminating issues and finding the most effective solutions.

MakeBeCool helped their client Ingarden make marketing and product improvements to enhance conversion rates, AOV, and the number of subscriptions, by making significant changes to the sales funnel and product selection as well as the selection of additional products to create bundles. The project enabled the client to achieve a 67% growth in revenue.

“Growth & Business Agility are what drives our team to grow and what we bring to the table for our clients. We are interested not just in doing our job well, but in doing something that changes the course of History for our clients and for us”, says MakeBeCool.

A few reviews of MakeBeCool:

Why is MakeBeCool the Best Company to Work With?

Talent, agility, innovative approach, diligent communication, constant learning, customer centricity, cost efficiency, and global exposure are the pillars to success for every service provider. These traits have helped MakeBeCool lay its strong foundation to stand out and rise in the increasingly competitive market and lead the race with continued persistence and quality.

"We believe MakeBeCool’s positioning in GoodFirms’ Leaders Matrix report reflects the company's exceptional potential in providing top-notch Shopify development and maintenance services to its clients, enabling them to meet all their eCommerce business needs on a unified platform, perform better, and rise uninterruptedly," said GoodFirms.

MakeBeCool had to undergo a rigorous assessment under the GoodFirms Leaders Matrix program. The evaluation covered the service landscape, verified client reviews, experience in the domain, market, competitive positioning, and much more. Such analysis helped surface in-depth strategic information about MakeBeCool’s capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position.

About the “Best Company to Work With” Badge

"Best Company To Work With" is an exclusive program run by GoodFirms where the Leaders Matrix companies are recognized with a Badge, an exclusive article about the Company, and a supporting PR. Such recognition stands as a support to developing trust and authenticity within the B2B community. It also allows the participating companies to improve their ranking - rank higher in the Leaders Matrix categories, receive inbound backlinks from GoodFirms LeadersRoundtable podcast campaign, and get a certified Badge saying, "Best Company to Work With."

About GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a B2B review, listing, and rating platform helping businesses accelerate their digital journey and to maximize the value of modern technology. The company connects service providers with service seekers through a comprehensive and thoroughly researched fact-based list of the best services and solutions. Recognized as the most reliable source for the B2B market, GoodFirms has world-class experience with partners across the globe.

Meet Author.
Andrey Gadashevich

In 2010, Andrey founded MakeBeCool initially as a website development agency, but a discovery of the e-commerce world led to a complete retraining. With a newfound passion, he started collecting brand stories and case studies to empower e-commerce success. Beyond work, Andrey is a Lego Technic collector, a passionate snowboarder, runner, and fitness enthusiast. His active lifestyle extends to family time, where he shares his hobbies with his daughters.

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