August 30, 2018

coolsite #2 - creative sites of the week




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1. Zara

2. Mango

3. Grovemade design studio

4. Helbak kitchenware company

5. Nutsandwoods furniture studio


Zara is one of the most popular clothing brands. If you like trademark's clothes, you will like the positioning of its online store. The interface grabs attention from the first minutes because of the big and high-quality photos. This website includes style and simplicity.


Mango is another popular clothing brand. The visual design of the online store will appeal to those who love the dynamic cover. The widescreen animation shows that wearing Mango clothes you will look attractive and stylish in any natural environment.

Grovemade design studio

The visual concept of the web-site manifests itself in a convenient interface and high-quality photos. The developers showed the work of each employee using animation. It looks interesting and funny.

Helbak kitchenware company

Helbak - an online store for selling cookware. The website has a stylish design with easy navigation. If you need to buy dishes in the tone of your kitchen, choose the sorting of goods by color and select decor elements.

Nutsandwoods furniture studio

The main concept of the web designers is to show Nutsandwoods furniture from all angles. So you can visualize how a chair or table will look in your interior.

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