How to sell on Pinterest on 2023: [Practical tips]

January 23, 2024


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Pinterest is a platform for posting images in thematic collections, which allows you to share them with other users. With its help, you can exchange ideas and look for inspiration, receive detailed information about various products, as well as get an effective sale of your product. Wanna know how to use Pinterest to sell products? Read our review below.

Today Pinterest is a dynamic social service. The number of its users is constantly growing. According to, women constitute the main part of the target audience of a social network. It is expected that in 2019 the ratio of female and male audience will be equal to the ratio of 80% -20%.

Pinterest user distribution rate in the US from 2013 to 2019, by gender

This is because photography is the undisputed carrier of world trends in various fields such as the world of fashion, design, entertainment, and shopping. Pinterest could create some kind of balance between fashion tracking and shopping, so that the users, including women, make emotional and quick purchases.

How can this service be useful for online stores’ owners? Pinterest is one of the best platforms in the world for promoting a brand and selling products, services, ideas or promoting yourself as a leader of opinions. And the statistics speak for themselves: 61% of users discovered new brands through promotional pins, and 83% of users who visit Pinterest on a weekly basis make purchases due to buyable pins placed by brands.

Pinterest users spend more money on purchases than Facebook users, which certainly indicates its high advertising potential. In the near future, various brands will much more often use the Pinterest selling platform as a channel for product promotion. Why? It's all about the content feed. To use Pinterest to attract customers and increase sales, you should pay attention to the drafting of a content strategy and a number of other important aspects. We have made up a list of practical tips, with the help of which you will be able to build the concept of your store in the right way and expand your customer base.

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How to sell products on Pinterest: practical tips

Tip 1. Think over the visual concept of presenting your content and products

Before you start working with this social network, think over the visual concept of presenting your content and products online. Pinterest is a paradise for business owners, as this social network is focused on visual content. The main reason and feature for which users prefer this social network are vertical photos. Why? In this format, you can compactly place a lot of useful and creative content, in contrast to standard photos.

Think about how you will submit the information and in what style your content should be. For your brand to be recognizable on Pinterest, it’s important to stick to your corporate identity. Ask a designer, content manager or marketer to help you, they can draw up the right concept.

Tip 2. Create a business account

To get the most out of Pinterest, you'll need a business account. You can get it registered or convert an existing personal account. To convert an account to a business account, use this link

A business account provides access to advanced analytics tools and allows you to place ads. You can also better control brand promotion as well as content attribution.

Also, business accounts have the ability to use extended pins (Rich pins). These are pins, which contain additional information. This option is required if you aim at effective selling on Pinterest. With its help, you can place useful information in the form of prices, tell about the availability of the product in the store or warehouse. If the price of a product falls, users who have previously viewed this product will receive a notification.

Tip 3. Make a detailed description of the pictures on Pinterest

This will help form your brand image and explain to people what you are offering. The descriptions also affect on which section of Pinterest your content will be shown and who will see it.

Think about what you need to add to the pin description to interest your users. For example, if you are selling food, add information about its ingredients, specify the vitamins, minerals and dietary labeling of this product. When selling cosmetics, describe its composition and the positive effect of its use. If you offer tourist tours, then you can write exactly what sights your clients will see and what they should do on their tour.

Sign the pictures in details. Include relevant keywords in the description. Specify the name, cost and composition of the goods (as in the product card in the online store). Be sure to write how to contact you to buy this item.

A little about the rules: according to Pinterest standards, the size of the product description should not exceed 500 characters. Try to use them as efficiently as possible. The most important information is best given at the beginning of the description, since the first 50–60 characters are usually displayed in the tape.

Tip 4. Customize your search using keywords

Do not forget about text SEO optimization. Pinterest is well indexed by search systems, so you’d better analyze which queries are relevant to your product, for which keywords the users are googling.

Proper keywords affect the further promotion of the site in search systems. For best results, you need to pay special attention to this aspect.

Choose the keywords thoroughly, do not use the most popular and obvious key phrases that come to your mind. Surely, they are highly competitive, which does not guarantee successful results in search engines. Your goal is to select the keywords that reflect the thoughts of consumers. If you do not know how to do this, contact an SEO-expert or a marketer for help, they will create the correct semantic core.

Tip 5.  Include a link to your website for each image

It is really convenient to go to the site of the product you are interested in by clicking on just one icon. Always use the link to a specific product that is listed in the Product pins or, if possible, to a specific landing page.

Adding the site name and links to the pins will help your brand become more recognizable even among the mass of other pins. It also has a positive effect on the traffic and conversion of your site.

Tip 6. Use Save button in your online store

The “Save” button allows you to save the content of your website directly to Pinterest. You can install it on any images of your online store. The size, shape, and color of the button can be customized to suit your design.

By clicking on the “Save” button, the visitors automatically save your content on their Pinterest board. This enables your users to share information and images with their friends and subscribers, and accordingly, helps increase the traffic on your Pinterest account.

Tip 7. Study Pinterest eCommerce analytics data

So you can track the effectiveness of your posts, determine which products are most popular and which boards need to be promoted more actively.

Regularly review the statistics of your users’ behavior on your page on Pinterest. Here is what you learn from such data:

  • which boards and pins from your profile are the most popular;
  • what products people prefer to save from your website;
  • what your target audience on Pinterest is, including gender, location, and core interests;
  • how to change traffic with Pinterest after installing the “Save” button on the images on your website.

Integration of Pinterest and Shopify

If you plan to sell on Pinterest from your Shopify site, then we have not good news for you! These two platforms now stopped cooperating selling goods through online shopping Pinterest.

“As of October 16, 2018, Pinterest no longer supports Buyable Pins. The Pinterest sales channel isn't available to add from the Sales channels list. If you're already using the Pinterest sales channel, then Pinterest converts your existing Buyable Pins into Product Pins. You can continue to sync your products with Pinterest using the Pinterest sales channel, and they appear on Pinterest as Product Pins’’.


What content should I share on Pinterest:

  1. Use infographics in your boards. For example, if you sell food and/or beverages, show the caloric content of each product or how the ingredients can be combined with each other. Surprise your subscribers with an unexpected selection of tastes that they will surely remember.
  2. Place the products from categories on the site with prices or components of the product.
  3. Show for what situations and events you can use your product.
  4. Add motivational and inspirational publications. Study the interests of your target audience and its way of life. What are they doing? How do they prefer to spend time? Advise books that relate to your subject or actions that can cheer up.

Pinterest commerce: For inspiration and new ideas, we invite you to look at some awesome cases of online stores that successfully sell on Pinterest:

1. Whole Foods Market

A great example of those planning to sell food. You just can’t help buying such appetizing products!

2. Bluechai Shop

An interesting idea was realized by the online tea shop Bluechai, focusing on the color scheme in which the store presents its products. They are always unique and unusual.

3. Nordstrom

It makes sense to take for example Nordstrom, the famous American chain of stores,  and its approach to advertising its products on Pinterest.


The key task of a successful businessman is to be where his target audience is. Therefore, there is a constant need to use new sales sites. Pinterest is a great opportunity to increase your customer base and discover new horizons in the development of your business. Sell ​​with Pinterest, follow the interests and requirements of your customers.

If you still have some questions or you might need some ideas to promote your business, or you look for help in developing a content strategy or board design, please, do not hesitate to contact our MakeBeCool team. We are very good at quality content.

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