March 11, 2019

coolsite #6 - creative sites of the week




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1. 49th Parallel Roasters
2. Biko
3. Uppercase
4. Bellroy
5. Pop Chart

1. 49th Parallel Roasters

49th Parallel Roasters is a cool coffee and tea store

49th Parallel Roasters is a company, selling coffee and tea, as well as the cooking equipment.

The banner is the first thing that catches the eye on the main page of the store. It has high-quality photos of the product, production process, and plantation, where the harvest is grown. A user can subscribe to get coffee when and as much as he wants. Also, there is a blog on the site on which describes all the peculiarities of production and cooking.

2. Biko

Biko is a cool jewelry store

Biko is a jewelry brand. All the jewelry is made by hand. There is a banner with stylish photos on the main page, showing the product in all its glory. The product page is minimalistic, containing only the detailed product description, price and “add to cart button”. Also, there is navigation by categories on the left on the page.

3. Uppercase

Uppercase is a cool books and journals store

UPPERCASE store owners produce and sell books and journals for creative people. The products of this company awaken the imagination and inspire creativity.

You will not find anything extra on the site. On the store’s main page there is a banner showing the uniqueness of the brand. You can subscribe to the magazine or buy a separate book, you are interested in. Also, there are videos showing products in unusual style.

4. Bellroy

Bellroy is a cool leather wallets store

Bellroy company started its business with leather wallets production. They have enlarged their product line and produce backpacks, bags, covers and key holders currently.

The store team has placed a funny video on the main page, it shows all the benefits of the brand product. Besides high-quality product photos, there is a video-review, showing all the product features, on a product page. Also, there is a blog about the exact product model, designer or production.

5. Pop Chart

Pop Chart is a cool posters store

Pop Chart designers create wonderful posters with infographics about everything in the world.

The simple and minimalistic design of the site is created to emphasize bright and unique goods. You will find a description of what exactly is depicted in the poster. Also, there is a photo zoom to let the customer see small parts.

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