March 7, 2019

DSers Review 2019 - New Free App for Automating Your Dropshipping Process


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Nowadays, there is a number of applications that allow the user to create his own online store working on dropshipping.

The most famous and popular among them are Oberlo and Dropified. These apps allow you to import products from Aliexpress to the Shopify store. You can also set up automatic ordering. However, there are always some cons. And speaking about Oberlo and Dropified, we mean the time you need to process your orders. With all their advantages, you will process just from 40 to 70 orders per hour. But you can process much more orders within the same time using the DSers application. Below you can read what pros it has and how to use it.

Why is DSers helpful for dropshippers?

DSers is the official Aliexpress app developed in 2018. It is the official Aliexpress shopping app for dropshipping. Unlike Oberlo and Dropified, it is free and has the following features:

  • goods import from Aliexpress;
  • placing bulk orders;
  • automatic fulfillment of orders;
  • unlimited orders per month;
  • pre-configured delivery methods;
  • automatic synchronization of tracking numbers;
  • delivery tracking;
  • price and stock control;
  • daily synchronization of goods;
  • managing multiple stores from a single DSers account.

In addition to the features listed above, you get access to a new section in your Aliexpress account - the Dropshipping Center. In this section, you have three new tabs:

  • Hot DS Items - in this section you can see the products recommended by DSers;

  • Trusted Supplier Rank - in this tab you will find a rating of reliable suppliers;

  • Product Analysis - due to this section, you can insert a link to the product from Aliexpress and see the product description, store name, logistics reliability as well as the number of orders.
section Product Analysis in DSers application

To use the above-mentioned functions you need to install this application. Read below how to do it.

How to install DSers app: a step-by-step guide

1. Install DSers and login to your account

There are two ways how to start working with the application:

а)  Shopify store

If you already have an online store, download the app from the Shopify App Store. You can do this by clicking on the link and the Add app button.

install DSers in an existing Shopify store

b) No Shopify store

In this case, you should follow the link, enter your email address in the appropriate field and click the Get started button. Doing this way, you will also need to create and connect a Shopify store.

if you haven’t yet launched Shopify then follow this tip to install the DSers app

2. Set the DSers

The second stage is setting up the basic parameters of the Aliexpress download apps, such as Shipping, Tracking, Notification, Pricing Rule, Other.

the basic parameters of the DSers app

Setting the shipping

Automatic selection of the shipping method can be configured in two ways. In the General Settings section, you can configure automatic selection of the shipping depending on the country of destination, and in the Advanced setting section, depending on the time and/or cost of shipping.

General Setting

This parameter allows you to configure automatic selection of the shipping based on the country of destination.

General Setting in Shipping parameter

This method contains the following settings.

  1. Country - choose the country you are interested in from the shipping list or leave this option unchanged if you send goods all over the world.
  2. Option - initially you have three options for setting the default shipping method. Option 1 will be used first, and if the specified method is not available, the system will automatically select the method specified in Option 2 or Option 3 respectively. You can always add additional options by clicking Add option.
  3. Add country - you can add an additional country of destination by clicking on the Add country button.
  4. Save - after making any changes to the settings of the parameters do not forget to save the changes.

Advanced Setting

This option allows you to configure automatic selection of the method of goods shipping based on the cost and time of shipping.

Advanced Setting in Shipping parameter

This method contains the following settings.

  1. Country - choose the country you are interested in from the shipping list or leave this option unchanged if you send goods all over the world.
  2. Tracking information - if you activate this option, DSers will automatically select a shipping method that supports tracking by track number. This option is active by default.
  3. Shipping period - you can specify the most acceptable shipping time for you.
  4. Shipping cost - you can specify the maximum shipping cost for you.
  5. Add country - You can add an additional country of destination by clicking on the Add country button.


You can activate e-mail notifications, which contain the name of the shipping service and a link to track the shipment of goods.

Setting Tracking in DSers app

Notification setting

You can activate the option of receiving notifications of the goods out of stock, changes of the goods’ price and canceling an order on Aliexpress. You just need to select the corresponding checkbox next to the description of each of the above-mentioned options.

Setting Notification in DSers app

Price rule

You can configure the rules by which the cost of the goods that you import into Shopify using DSers will be automatically set.

Setting Price rule in DSers app
 the rules by which the cost of the goods will be automatically set

Other settings

To access the Other settings, you need to go to Settings > Other.

Other settings: Sync Ali order number to Shopify additional details, Leave a message to AliExpress sellers, Override phone number, etc.

Sync Ali order number to Shopify additional details - you can activate an option that will allow DSers to automatically add a buyer's order number from Aliexpress to the order page in your Shopify store.

Other settings: Sync Ali order number to Shopify additional details, Leave a message to AliExpress sellers, Override phone number, etc. Sync Ali order number to Shopify additional details

Leave a message to AliExpress sellers - You can add a message that will be automatically sent to the seller of the goods on Aliexpress when you place an order.

Leave a message to AliExpress sellers

Override phone number - You can add a phone number that will automatically replace the phone number that your customer indicated.

Override phone number

Order synchronization - this feature will allow you to transfer orders from your Shopify store to DSers, so as not to process them manually. By default, DSers synchronizes orders created in your Shopify store for the last 7 days, but you can also change the number of days (maximum 30 days). Orders are synchronized only once for each of the stores you have added. After synchronization, this option will be unavailable until the new store is connected to the system.

Order synchronization

Import your goods to DSers

For automatic arrangement of several orders at the same time (up to 100 orders at a time) you need:

  1. either to import the goods from Aliexpress using DSers;
  2. or to link the goods which are already placed in the Shopify store to the goods that you sell on Aliexpress.

You can import your products in two ways:

  • by going to the My Products page and importing the product you are interested in by adding a link to the appropriate field;
import goods to your Shopify store using the link with Aliexpress
  • Install the DSers extension for the Chrome browser and import the product you need by clicking Add to DSers.

Get the suppliers linked to the goods

In order to link the products that are already in your Shopify store to the products on Aliexpress, you should go to the My Products page and click the Add Suppliers button. To do that, you will need a link to the goods that are sold on Aliexpress, so that further you will be able to place orders in automatic mode.

How to get the suppliers linked to the goods

Supplier settings

  1. Set - This option allows you to specify which of the sellers is a primary one and which is optional. To link an additional seller, you must first add the main one. You can choose an additional seller when the main one does not have all the goods you need. You can make changes at any time while the data in your Shopify store will remain unchanged.
  2. Mapping - You can match your Shopify product options with product options on Aliexpress.
  3. Set shipping - this option allows you to specify the shipping method for this particular product and it certainly prevails over all other shipping method settings.
  4. Place multiple orders with this product - using this function, you can select and place only those orders in which the selected product is present.
  5. Import - you can import products using the link to the product.

Registration of several orders and payment for them

Instead of placing orders one by one, you can select all pending orders and complete them all at once simply by clicking the Place multiple orders button.

How to place a few orders and pay for them

Place multiple orders

After clicking on this button, a window will open in which you can view all selected orders.

 all selected orders

Also in this window, you can check which shipping method is selected for each order and, if necessary, change it.

Just press the confirm button.

All your orders are processed. You just have to click OK.

DSers gives you a unique opportunity to pay up to 90 orders at a time. This feature will be helpful during periods of sales, promotions, etc.

Comparison with the competitors

Above, we briefly described the main features offered by DSers, but before drawing final conclusions, let’s compare the functionality of this Aliexpress shopping app with the functionality of such competitors as Oberlo and Dropified.



DSers is the application that helps you save your time on performing routine actions. This is not a new application used by the dropshippers, but at the moment there is surely no better analog. Even with the free version of DSers, its functionality is as high as its competitors’ and has no inherent limitations. This Aliexpress application for employment has such unique features that no other similar app can boast with. Saving both your time and effort is the main benefit you get from using it. That is why we highly recommend this app, as we personally use it all the time. If you want to know more about it or any other eCommerce news, please, let us know.

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