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September 11, 2019


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Now the Internet is stuffed with various info about the importance and effectiveness of conversion optimization for improving your online store and increasing the profitability of your business. Many companies offer their services in the field of conversion rate optimizations. Sometimes it starts to seem like just an intrusive advertisement, where you are offered a magic wand to solve all your problems.

Do you doubt whether your company needs CRO? Is it just a waste of time and money? This review answers these questions, you can see real-life examples of conversion rate optimization case studies and how CRO works in practice, and you will understand what will be the best solution for you.

Top 4 CRO marketing cases

Here is a list of projects for which we worked to define conversion rate optimization, together with conclusions and visual results. The first thing you should pay attention to before reading the cases is the originality of each business. For each unique business, you need to take a special approach and conversion rate optimization strategies.

1. Grossoshop case

Grossoshop is an Italian online store selling both smartphones and devices. Initially, the store owner asked us to help him migrate to the Shopify platform and update the site design.

Here are the details about the migration process.

We decided to redesign the site taking into account the UX analysis and the weaknesses of the previous site design from the CRO position.

Our marketer, together with a CRO/SEO/UX analyst, conducted CRO web marketing research, created a heat map of the site and identified problem areas, as well as the channels that bring conversions. Based on the data received, we created a new stylish and user-friendly design of the online store and developed a strategy for its further development.

To attract more customers, we installed the Incoming widget and the Exit intent popup application. It worked! But a new problem appeared: analysis showed that many customers confused them with online chat. The best solution in this situation was to introduce online support. We added Zendesk chat for these purposes.

As a result, we were have increased conversions by 41.25%, and online store revenue by 38.47%

Additionally, we added customer surveys by mail and through the Hotjar widget. The survey showed that users would like to see a wider range of products. The question of expanding the assortment was considered by the store owner. Meanwhile, we added a section with cross-selling on the product page. It also helped us increase conversions.

In addition, we replaced the main slide on the first page, and we have increased involvement in the pages of collections. You can see the results in the table.

table with results of Grossoshop CRO

All these steps helped us increase conversions by 58.19%, as well as the online store income by 49,18%.

revenue and conversion rate after Grossoshop CRO

2. Cryptocurrency website case

Our work with an online store selling goods related to cryptocurrency was rather successful in terms of the effectiveness of CRO. The owner complained about low conversions and did not know how to deal with that. The site hardly sold anything. To fix this problem, we started collecting and analyzing quantitative data from the site. To begin with, our experts determined the quality of traffic, sales potential, conversion rate of each channel.

It turned out that the cryptocurrency wallet application was the main sales channel. At the time of the analysis, the policy of many advertising services, including Facebook, was rather strict in relation to cryptocurrency i.e. the ads were not allowed. So the client did not receive any traffic from advertising. In addition, 90% of users who visited the site immediately left it, that is, there was practically no involvement.

The next step in our work was the installation of heat maps at the main outflow points, as well as the addition of surveys. According to the results of the polls, it became clear that visitors wanted to buy a cryptocurrency and not the goods associated with it.

Using heatmaps as well as screen recordings, a navigation issue was discovered. The problem was that there were two menus on the site: the first is one of the store, and the second was of the groups of sites with a large button that they clicked on and switched to another site. This problem, unfortunately, we were not allowed to fix. After 50 entries, it became clear that users did not understand where they got, and they were lost in the menu categories.

heatmaps will help you to know which sections of the page repel a users

Basing on the data on the most popular products and screen recordings, we decided to change the design of the main page. The changes also affected the menu: category names were corrected to more understandable ones, and card sorting was applied. We also changed the banner to a more understandable one - it became clear what the site was selling. Then we highlighted the two most popular products as well as merch, one of the important categories (t-shirts, caps, etc.), which was not shown before.

As a result, after a month of working on the site, our conversion rate optimization report showed the following indices:

result of CRO on Cryptocurrency website

The figures obtained illustrate the result of the productive work of our team and the increase in customer sales.

3. Zinvowatches project eCommerce Case

For more than two years we have been working with, an interesting eCommerce project. Zinvo is a Swiss luxury watch company with a unique design. It is a relatively young but successful brand. The company has an extensive network of offices in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

The owner of the company addressed us with the problem of a sales drop and poor site performance. The task our partner set for us was to find out the reasons for the drop in conversions and build a CRO marketing strategy on how to improve this situation.

To solve this problem, we conducted an analysis of the sales funnel and the user's path from entering the site up to making a purchase. As a result of the analysis, we found out that our client loses 60% of his users in the first stage of the sales funnel, in the second stage - up to 71% of users and 89% when placing an order. Thus, the main problem was the loss of users at every stage of the sales funnel.

In addition, we carried out a UX analysis of all the pages of the site and a full technical diagnosis. We identified problems and put forward hypotheses on how to improve the online store and increase conversions.

After conducting the A/B test, we determined that our hypotheses were correct and implemented the results in the project. Then we prepared a redesign of the key pages of the site.

We also paid special attention to download speed optimization. If the loading time used to be about 17 seconds, now we achieved the site loading speed of 4 seconds. It was a huge improvement. After all, a long download contributed to a large outflow of customers when they first hit the site.

Our work resulted in the following indicators: the percentage of the goods added to the cart increased from 7.63 up to 12.98. The number of orders increased from 5.15% up to 8.08%, the purchase amount increased from 2.88% up to 5.23%.

The client was pleased with our work. Conversion rate increased 3 times.

4. E-Volt Case

Another project for which we worked on CRO is E-Volt, the American electronics company. Like all our previous partners, the owner of an online store addressed us with the problem of poor sales and a low conversion rate.

Analysis of the site showed that the main problem was the incorrect presentation of information as well as the inconvenient design. There was no information about the company and its partners, but the product pages were full of extra text content that almost none of the clients had read it to the end.

The main design changes have affected the main and product pages. On the main page, we changed the flow of information: we added 2 banners - the main one and the additional banner. The main one offered a discount on the bundle, and the additional one led to the collection.

Under the banners, we highlighted the advantages and chips: free shipping, the best craft product, and prices. We also added the section “Best Seller” and highlighted them with more contrasting sales tags (discounts).

In addition, we created the “About Us” page, which described the business itself and the partners in more detail. A block with customer reviews has also been added to this page.

We made the product page more minimalistic. All that’s left was important information, which was better served (tabs and dropdown)

As a result, we had an increase in revenue of 52.29% and an increase in conversions of 44.91%.

revenue and conversion rate after E-Volt CRO

As you can see, in each case, the numbers speak for themselves and clearly confirm the effectiveness of conversion optimization. We hope we managed to mitigate any doubt you might have.

You should be borne it in mind that every business is unique, and an individual approach and its own methods for optimizing conversions should be found. If you want to achieve progressive results and not waste your time checking all the methods, you should better consult an expert. Makebecool team experts have extensive experience working with CRO digital marketing, we know how valuable each business is, and therefore we approach every project individually and carefully. We always take into account all the wishes of our client and strive to complete the work as soon as possible.

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