February 15, 2019

coolsite #5 - creative sites of the week




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1. Solo Stove
2. Haus
3. Studio Proper
4. Tluxe
5. Brilliant

1. Solo Stove

Solo Stove is a company that produces mobile ovens and various products for them. The first thing you see on the website is an excellent image of the main product. This company demonstrates its products using bright and attractive colors.
Below is a section that illustrates the technology of their furnaces. When you scroll through steps 1 through 5, the image on the right side changes, showing each step. This is a great way to tell users exactly how the product works since the reader is not overloaded with complex information. In order to provoke users confidence, there is a section below where you can see photos with the Solo Stove company hashtag, which the company's clients upload to social networks.


2. Haus

The etailer Haus company produces furniture and household goods.
Elegant modern design of the website corresponds to the aesthetics of this product line. The emphasis is only on the product that the company produces. It is easy to move through the online store thanks to the convenient navigation menu. The product page describes in detail each component of the product design. There is also an estimated delivery time.


3. Studio Proper

Studio Proper company sells a variety of accessories for Apple products.
The online store design corresponds to their products - simple and minimalist. High-quality product pictures allow you to bring a photo and see all the small details of the product. There are pop-up windows on the website which notify users that someone has made a purchase. This enhances the credibility of the online store and motivates users to buy goods.


4. Tluxe

Tluxe is a brand of women's clothing that is sewn in such a way that every woman will find something interesting for herself. This brand works with environmentally friendly fabrics.
On the main Tluxe page, in addition to the navigation menu, there is only a banner with high-quality products photos of and a block with an Instagram page. In the collections section, you can see only product images. But there is a block with a magazine that you can look through and see the features of each model: the color of the pattern, the price, and the material. The product page is made in a classic style, with the product description and the button “add to cart”. There is a blog on the web site, which describes brand achievements and especially the process of clothes creation.


5. Brilliant

Brilliant is a company that designs and assembles bicycles.
Convenient navigation through the website immediately direct you to the section that interests you. On the product page, you will find all the necessary data, up to the size chart. There is also a section with frequently users asked questions, so you don’t have to leave the product page for reading the characteristics and features of each bike.


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