How MBC Bundles App increased AOV by 17% for Magnus Luxury Watches

Use cases

We talked with Stan, a founder of the Magnus Luxury Watches brand, to get to know more about their business, customers, and needs. 

“Hi, we are Magnus Brand - a watch company that is making every effort to provide our customers with high-quality watches inspired by luxury brands and cars. Magnus Is Not Just a Watch!”

Short brand story

Magnus Luxury Watches is a company from the Netherlands. It has been operating since June 2020 and has many happy customers all over the world.

“Relentless focus on the quality and design of our timepieces - is essential for us.”

The brand makes every effort to provide customers with luxury-inspired watches at a reasonable price while maintaining excellent quality and performance. Watch collections are constantly expanding to meet a variety of customers’ needs. The main Magnus Luxury Watches brand goal is to provide high-quality watches at a reasonable price.

Did the MBC Bundles meet business needs?

Magnus Luxury Watches previously tried to use numerous bundle apps, but none of them had the features business were looking for. The requested feature was: a combo, triple, or X deal where the customer could pick any combination of PRODUCTS (not variants only) and add them separately to the cart.

This was required by the warehouse to read the correct SKUs instead of custom products generated and added with an unknown SKU.

“I’m a web-developer myself and I think the team of the MBC Bundles App has some really amazing talents and their customer support is awesome!”

Magnus Luxury Watches Bundles

How have the MBC Bundles helped?

  • MBC Bundles App increased AOV by 17%.
  • Ad spend per order increased by 5%.
  • Meaning total profit margin increased.
“People love to have discounts and that is exactly why we use the MBC Bundles App.”

Time to increase sales & install MBC Bundles

MBC allows you to create beautiful, converting bundles that help you boost sales on autopilot — you just need to set up the app once, and see a crazy AOV increase. Create an offer for a few products that are cheaper than buying each of them separately would be

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