Important dates for every online-store owner: spring 2019

January 23, 2024


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One of the best and most effective ways to attract new customers and improve the loyalty of regular customers is to hold discounts. New Year, Christmas and Black Friday are the dates that many buyers are waiting to make gifts to their relatives at competitive prices. But there are still many holidays that are important to your clients. Add them to your Shopify list, so as not to forget to delight customers with good danish.

The list of the best dates for big sales

1. March 17- Saint Patrick’s Day

On this day, many online store owners hold special promotions and sales before the celebration and are valid for about a week.
What can be sold at a discount: clothes, shoes, drinks, souvenirs, household appliances arrange discounts on green goods.

2. April 21 - Easter

A large number of American online stores owners arrange sales for Easter decor goods.
What can be sold at discounts: summer and spring things, sweets, toys, home accessories, garden supplies, printed products.

3. May 12 - Mother's Day

On this day children congratulate their mothers and give them gifts. Many Shopify online stores owners successfully sell gift certificates for their products or services. This is convenient because you do not always know what to choose.
What can be sold at a discount: cosmetics, clothing, shoes, accessories, printed materials (gliders, notebooks, stickers), handicraft items, flowers, sweets, services (spa), tickets.

4. June 16  - Father’s Day

About a week before the holiday date, online stores owners announce the special offers mainly on the men's goods.
What can be sold at a discount: clothes, shoes, watches, bags, electronics, personal hygiene items, accessories, subscriptions, printed materials.

5. July 4  - Independence Day

One of the most important national holidays of the United States of America. In honor of this holiday online-store owners hold large-scale, but short-term sales.
What can be sold at a discount: appliances, furniture, accessories, clothing, shoes, home and garden items.

Now you have a calendar of important dates for the announcement of discounts for this season. We hope you add them to your list. If you do not have such a calendar, we strongly recommend to start it. Your competitors are already successfully using this technique and increasing the number of buyers. While you are preparing promotions and great deals for your customers, we are preparing for you a list of important dates for the next season. So, follow our news and stay up to date. Big sales to you!

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