Unlocking Black Friday Success: Expert Insights from PageFly

September 28, 2023


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As the holiday season approaches, businesses around the world are gearing up for the shopping extravaganza known as Black Friday. For e-commerce stores, this annual event represents a golden opportunity to boost sales and engage with customers.
To gain insights into how online merchants can best prepare for Black Friday, we sat down with Sun Do, the Partnership Lead at PageFly, a leading app known for its powerful e-commerce tools and templates.
Sun Do shares valuable advice, new features, and success stories from previous years, shedding light on how PageFly is empowering businesses to thrive during the Black Friday retail rush in 2023.

So, whether you're a seasoned Black Friday veteran or a newcomer looking to make a splash in the world of online sales, Sun Do's expert advice and PageFly's innovative solutions are here to guide you through the holiday shopping frenzy. Let's dive into the interview and discover the keys to Black Friday success in 2023.

Does your app offer any products, services, or features that are particularly relevant to the Black Friday sale period? 

PageFly provides many automatic tools focused on growing conversion rates and 100+ beautiful templates to make an outstanding page for the holiday seasons. If you want to have your sales page up and running as soon as possible, you can check out PageFly's free service via PageFly Converting program.
PageFly is a No-code drag and drop Landing Page Builder

What are some of the key lessons you've learned from helping merchants on Black Friday in previous years?

It's recommended that you should prepare for this sale season as soon as possible to get ready for the early holiday shoppers. 
  • Plan your sales and test your site early;
  • Get ready with the perfect holiday landing page
  • Update Product Content which is essential for SEO ranking; 
  • Prepare Promotional Sales - take advantage of cross-selling and bundling strategy through all pages; 
  • Optimize your Checkout Flow- it should be simple, fast, efficient;
  • Revamp your customer service systems and make it easy for customers to reach you for support during Black Friday.

What new features or functionality have you implemented in your apps this year to help merchants prepare for and capitalize on Black Friday?

PageFly is now integrated directly into the Shopify platform, giving you easy access to all your data without ever leaving Shopify. By this, our valued users can save time and stay organized by managing your business more efficiently. The new integration also enables a seamless experience between Shopify and PageFly with improved navigation and faster load times.
  • New integrations with third-party applications about upselling & cross-selling, including MBC Bundle Products App, etc
  • New seasonal holiday templates to save your efforts in building pages
  • Premade sections to create landing pages with minimum effort.

What are your expectations for Black Friday this year?

We anticipate that BFCM this year will still be a once-a-year opportunity to increase sales for your stores. If you're planning to participate in Black Friday shopping, it's advisable to be prepared, have a clear idea of what you're looking for, and consider your budget beforehand to avoid overspending. Additionally, keeping an eye out for online deals and early promotions can be a good strategy to secure the items you want without facing the rush and crowds associated with in-store shopping.

Can you share a specific case study of one of your app users who was successful on Black Friday?

Let check out a A&A Jewels Co case. From August to November 2021, A&A Jewels online store witnessed a significant improvement in the site performance. Specifically, the team has recorded a 3X growth in the average session time. Bounce rates declined considerably from over 73% to 54%. 

The result itself does not only mean a mere number change but indicates that visitors are interacting with their content and engaging with more onsite activities. It’s indeed a firm foundation for them to build a relationship with customers in the short & long run.

Up to now, A&A has created 90+ pages with PageFly for the website. And it seems like they won’t stop doing that in the future. If you're curious to learn more about A&A Jewels Co.'s incredible journey and dive into the story behind the redesign of all their pages, you can find all the details in this blog post.


PageFly is arming online merchants with an array of tools, templates, and integrations to ensure a successful Black Friday in 2023. By implementing these features and following Sun Do's expert advice, businesses can navigate the Black Friday retail rush with confidence and maximize their sales during this lucrative shopping season.

Alexander, our seasoned Project Manager at MakeBeCool since 2021, with four years of eCommerce growth expertise. A planning pro and team wizard, he's our go-to strategist. Outside work, Alexander's an AI fan, language lover (currently at B1 in German), and an adventurous traveler exploring places like Costa Rica. With a passion for coffee, he kicks off his mornings in style!

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