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February 3, 2023


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Before we get too excited about what’s ahead for us this year, we’re going to take time today to share with you our promising Clutch 2021 Year In Review!

All throughout 2021, we earned 6 high-rated reviews that speak about the range of our services.

We look forward to conquering 2022 and beyond with you!

To achieve positive results in optimizing conversions of your online store, you need to use not only the right methods but also the CRO tools 2023.

How to select a conversion optimization rate tool? Just read this review and get a clear list of services that bring success. They are intended for those users who set the goal of increasing the number of quality conversions.

Top conversion rate optimization tools for your business

The process of improving the conversions of an online store involves several steps. At each stage of the analysis, I use different tools, as I’m not used to one source only and encourage you to do the same. Therefore, for your convenience, I have grouped the services according to the stages of conversion optimization.

Data acquisition and analytics tools

Tool for data acquisition and analytics


1. Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 - are the services for analytics of site traffic from Google search and ones of the best CRO tools for analyzing conversions.

What data you can get using this service:

  • traffic volume;
  • quantity and quality of conversions;
  • CTR;
  • analysis of social networks;
  • analysis of the users’ path before they make conversions;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of each page on the site.

Google Analytics 360 is an improved data analytics service from Google Analytics. It includes six products that you can use either comprehensively or individually, and you can integrate them with AdWords. Google Analytics 360 is designed to be shared with teams and has many additional features for analysis and visualization, as well as advanced reports and cloud storage.

Here are the products that are part of the tool:

  • Google Audience Center 360 is designed to organize and manage customer information.
  • Google Optimize 360 ​​is designed to test and personalize sites. If you need to conduct A/B testing of a site, try this product.
  • Google Data Studio 360 is designed to analyze data and visualize it. The tool integrates data collected by other Google Analytics 360 Suite products and other services. After collecting the data, you can generate a report and save it in Google Docs.
  • Google Tag Manager 360 is designed to track tags on a site.
  • Google Analytics 360 is designed to analyze all the data collected about customers, and their integration with advertising campaigns for increasing their effectiveness.
  • Google Attribution 360 is designed to analyze the results of an advertising campaign, taking into account all channels, devices, and systems, as well as to create the most effective mix. The tool is designed to distribute the budget for marketing costs.

2. Kissmetrics is a platform that allows you to track the chain of customer’s touch from the first visit to your site up to the moment when he purchases. The tool helps to find problem areas on your site and understand the reasons for the outflow of customers, which contributes to the adoption of confirmed decisions and increase in conversions.

There are also ready-made integrations with popular trading platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce.

3. Woopra is a reliable analytic software. The tool helps not only monitor the activity of users of your site in real-time but also creates a detailed profile for each client, synchronizing its data.

Woopra tracks both anonymous and identifiable customers as they explore your site and interact with it.

4. Mixpanel is a web-based platform for analyzing user behavior in real-time. It allows you to receive data about actions in the application.

Speaking about Mixpanel features it is worth highlighting customer segmentation, deep targeting, thanks to profiles, built-in A/B tests and user survey forms. The data collected is used to create custom reports and measure the engagement of your customers.

Mixpanel is a comprehensive enterprise-level solution with many features designed for online stores. They have a number of famous customers, including Walmart and Overstock.

5. Adobe Analytics is a tool that allows you to use data on customer behavior (including offline) to build reports, comparisons and visualizations of the full cycle of the client’s path.

The platform combines powerful business-level tracking and analysis with ease of use together with automated reporting. Among its most outstanding features, there are advanced segmentation, multi-channel compatibility, and cloud storage.

6. Clicky is a comprehensive analytical software with the help of which you can generate reports on user interactions on your site.

The service allows you to install heat maps on your site. One more convenient function is set up notifications when your site for some reason does not work.

7. Geckoboard is a cloud-based dashboard that displays real-time key business metrics. Users can customize their dashboards based on the needs of the team and company. Geckoboard is suitable for businesses of any size, and also offers an application for iOS.

This web service aims to build clear and effective business dashboards that provide the team with the right information, motivation and follow KPI.

Tools for research and analysis of visitors’ behavior

8. Hotjar is a multifunctional and the best tool conversion optimization.

hotjar work example

Its service features:

  • it shows maps of clicks, scrolling, links, including traffic sources;
  • it records the behavior of visitors (web viewer) according to the specified criteria;
  • it creates and analyzes application forms;
  • it builds conversion funnels.

Hotjar combines feedback and analysis tools to help users find out where visitors click, how much time they spend on each page and where they leave the site. All of this will help you identify areas that need some improvement.

If you're looking for a team-oriented, easy-to-use solution that integrates with most major e-commerce platforms, then Hotjar is worth your attention.

9. Lucky Orange is an easy-to-use toolkit that helps you understand the reasons why your visitors leave without completing a key action.

Lucky Orange is easy to use, it is also ready to work right immediately after its installation. Among its functions, there are dynamic heat maps, user records, online chat, real-time dashboard, and daily email reports.

10. CrazyEgg is a service for building heatmaps with segmentation by traffic sources, search phrases, etc. Thanks to click cards, scrolling, links and a variety of reports, you can understand how visitors interact with your site.

CrazyEgg helps you find out why visitors leave your site - it shows you exactly how they scroll pages down, what elements they click most often, and even the sources that bring them to your site.

11. Clicktale is an application for studying the behavior of users on your site, which will help determine the needs and intentions of your customers.

Clicktale is really proud of its analytics platform, which uses advanced algorithms to analyze behavioral data. Results and reports are provided in a user-friendly visual format that emphasizes practical application, especially for A/B tests.

12. Matomo is a multifunctional open source web analytics system that gives you the opportunity to modify it for your personal needs. You can create, customize and manage your reports and even form conversion optimization software as part of the community.

13. UserTesting is a tool that allows you to record videos of how representatives of the target audience use your site or mobile application. You pick up a group of users from your target audience by yourself according to the specified parameters. All actions and user comments are recorded in the service (video + audio). This way you can get more accurate information about problems on your site.

14. Similarweb will let you follow the traffic of almost every site, including one of your competitor. Take a look at your competitors' sites, explore their best strategies and learn how to improve your own.

The service shows traffic sources, keywords by which the site is advertised, the geography of visitors, as well as its popularity on social networks.

Online survey CRO tools

15. Qualaroo is a simple and convenient tool that helps you get valuable information about your audience. All you have to do is decide on strategic research, install the Qualaroo pixel on your website and start collecting data.

Qualaroo’s mission is to help companies understand why their customers and potential customers make their decisions.

16. SurveyMonkey is a popular tool that helps you create and send surveys to anyone in minutes. It is very useful for exploring your audience.

This service is one of the best resources available if you want to know about your target market. You just need to ask the right questions.

17. Olark is a convenient service for communicating with customers in online chats.

The slightest misunderstanding when purchasing can cause your potential customers to leave the site. And here is handy Olark for your needs. It provides the opportunity to communicate with your visitors in real-time and quickly resolve any problems that they may have.

18. i-Perceptions is a great platform for interacting with customers, which allows you to receive feedback from users through online surveys and recognize the intentions of your visitors in real-time, which can increase the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Testing tools


19. VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) is a multifunctional platform with data collection and the ability to conduct A / V tests without the help of neither developers nor IT knowledge.

This is one of the best services for conducting A/B tests on the site. You can test absolutely any element of your site. For example, you can test the title or picture. These CRO testing tools will calculate the conversion and automatically choose the best option.

20. Optimizely is a tool for increasing engagement, quality of interactions and, as a result, conversions.

The service is equipped with a visual editor that allows you to customize and optimize the most important elements of your site in real-time so that you can find and implement the best user experience.

21. AB Tasty is a multi-functional solution for optimizing customer service, covering everything from research up to the implementation.

The platform includes analytics (heatmaps, session records, etc.), a visual editor, extensive A/B testing capabilities, as well as a number of additional features, such as personalized messages, pop-ups, countdown timers and much more.

22. Unbounce allows marketers to create, publish and conduct A/B tests of landing pages on their own.

Unbounce provides proven landing page templates that you can customize and use for your business.

23. Adobe Target is designed to help you find the most convertible content through tests and find out what really attracts your customers. It will allow you to develop more effective marketing offers and, accordingly, optimize conversions. Full information on how I recommend that you should conduct the conversion optimization process is described at this link: What are the best tips for increasing conversion rate.

24. Yozio was created for companies that seek to learn more about users of their mobile applications in order to increase audience engagement, return rate and revenue from each client.

Tools for technical site diagnostics

tool for technical site diagnostics

25. Google PageSpeed Insights checks the download speed, separately for the mobile and desktop versions of the site with recommendations for correcting deficiencies.

26. GTmetrix defines download parameters (time, file size, number of requests); display in different browsers and different devices. It compares your indicators with other sites in the system, builds cascading and video diagrams of indicators, gives recommendations on how to improve certain parameters.

27. Pingdom is a great tool for analyzing site loading speed. Test results are displayed in tables with explanations for each file. It analyzes each site file, site scripts, it also gives optimization tips.

In addition to an accurate assessment, this service shows high-quality results of site verification in comparison with other sites that are tested on this service.


All of the above-mentioned best conversion optimization tools for business are great helpers in increasing conversions. Do not be afraid of a large number of these tools, since there is no need to use each of them.

Your toolbox will depend on the specific requirements of your online store.

All you need to do is start trying options and choose the ones that suit you. Set specific goals, choose great eCommerce tools for you and test them. It will take a lot of time, but you will be completely satisfied with the result.

If you face any difficulties or need some expert advice, consult our MakeBeCool team. We are always pleased to help and deal with your problem as soon as possible.

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