Black Friday 2023 Wrap-Up: Sales and strategic bundle triumphs

January 31, 2024


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Now that the hustle and bustle of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas is officially behind us, we're settling back into our regular work routines. Let's take a moment to reflect on it all!

Summing up BFCM 2023 results: Our sellers surpassed last year's impressive sales figures by a wide margin using our app, marking significant growth and a strategic shift in eCommerce.

Well, in the last quarter of 2023, our bundle sales have shot up by a whopping 23% compared to the same time in 2022! The dynamics of average monthly sales is also an intriguing aspect to consider. Back in 2022, the average monthly bundle sales in Q4 were 65% higher than the whole year's average. But hold on, in 2023, this disparity grew, surpassing double the initial value, reaching 120%.

The thriving popularity of the bundle approach for online business owners is a cause for celebration. The symbiotic relationship between seller and buyer thrives, ensuring increased profits for the former and enhanced value for the latter through curated bundles.

One standout trend in 2023 was the adoption of an early start strategy by many online business owners. Initiating active bundle sales as early as October, intensifying efforts in November, and sustaining momentum throughout December allowed them to captivate audiences, outshine competitors, and sustain customer interest across the festive season.

As we delve into the specifics, let's explore the top five bundle categories and tactics that emerged as the driving forces behind the success stories of Black Friday 2023.

Top Five bundles selling categories and strategies for 2022 Black Friday

#1 Fashion

In the fashion segment of Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023, two awesome strategies stood out: the Shop the Look and Volume Discount mechanics.

The brilliance of the Shop-the-Look strategy lies in its ability to streamline the shopping experience. By curating ready-made looks, retailers empowered consumers to effortlessly achieve a curated and cohesive style without the hassle of navigating through countless individual products. This not only saved shoppers valuable time but also heightened the appeal of complete ensembles.

Free the Sheep bundle example

On the other hand, the Volume mechanics strategy focused on enticing shoppers with irresistible offers on larger quantities. For instance, enticing deals such as purchasing three units with distinct prints or opting for the same items in quantities of 2+ became a winning formula. This approach not only simplified the decision-making process for customers but also strategically paired products for maximum impact.

Gymroos bundle example

#2 Sports goods

In today's health-conscious society, individuals are increasingly prioritizing physical fitness, contributing to the surge in popularity of sports equipment and sports nutrition. There are two different types of stores in this segment – those specializing in sports equipment and others focusing on sports food. 

For sports equipment stores, the strategic approach remains consistent across the board – the promotion of turnkey solutions. Whether it's a comprehensive set of equipment tailored for a specific activity, these stores adopt a holistic approach to cater to the diverse needs of their customers. Leveraging mix-match mechanics, consumers are empowered to personalize their purchases, creating bespoke bundles of equipment. Additionally, these stores may implement volume discount mechanics, encouraging wholesale purchases, thus enhancing the shopping experience by providing flexibility and customization.

Tribe-Wod bundle example

Sports nutrition stores follow a similar strategy with a focus on turnkey solutions, offering curated courses in nutrition and various supplements. The mix-match mechanics allow customers to personalize their nutritional purchases, creating customized sets of additives. Volume discount mechanics also play a role, promoting wholesale purchases of the same additive. This approach not only enhances the shopping experience but also enables consumers to save both time and money, conveniently obtaining all the essentials required to meet their fitness goals in one go.

Supplement Mart bundle example

#3 Cosmetics

This segment usually gets a lot of love on Black Friday since cosmetics make awesome gifts, especially for the ladies. The primary tactic employed by sellers in this domain revolves around the strategic use of gift sets, often presented in standard bundles with dedicated product pages. This approach not only capitalizes on the tradition of heightened cosmetic purchases during the BFCM period but also aligns with the gifting culture that accompanies this festive season.

Avon UK cosmetics bundle example
Bridgewater Candle bundle example

#4 Gadgets

This niche is new to our app, but it's always a hit! This segment is consistently trending, captivating consumers who see gadgets as great gifts and essential tools. Merchants strategically bundle related products to maximize appeal, like pairing a smartphone with a protective case. A standout feature is bundling gadgets with tailored service plans, addressing evolving consumer needs. This unique approach goes beyond selling a product, providing an integrated experience, and allowing gadgets to seamlessly fit into lifestyles. Buyers benefit by securing deals on both gadgets and essential services like communication and Internet access.

Solis bundle example

#5 Tools

We were totally surprised by this category. Intriguingly, this surge in interest is closely tied to the prevailing DIY trend. With more people dedicating time and effort to home and garden improvements, the Tools category witnessed a remarkable boost in consumer engagement.

A distinctive approach within this category involved offering customers the choice between standard bundled tool kits and a more personalized mix-and-match option. The conventional bundled approach presents a curated collection of tools on a product page, simplifying the purchase process for customers seeking a comprehensive set. On the other hand, the mix-and-match tactic provides a unique avenue for personalization. Buyers have the flexibility to curate their own set of instruments, tailoring the package to their specific needs and preferences. This personalized approach not only empowers consumers to choose tools that align with their DIY projects but also allows sellers to cater to a diverse range of customer requirements.

BOXO USA bundle example

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