Switching from Bundle Types to Bundle Patterns: Unlocking the Power of Customization

January 24, 2024

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In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, adapting to user preferences and optimizing the shopping experience is crucial for success. Our journey with MBC Bundles took an unexpected turn as we delved deep into the user experience. We discovered that customers seek simplicity, clarity, and convenience when creating product bundles. This realization led us to shift our focus from functionality classification to offering various bundle patterns. In this blog, we will explore the results of this approach, highlighting the most popular patterns, sales figures, conversion rates, and customer preferences.

Understanding the Bundle Patterns:

We introduced a range of bundle patterns to cater to the diverse needs of merchants and their customers. Each pattern offers unique features and visualizations, enabling merchants to visualize their bundles effectively. Let's delve into the statistics and insights gained from analyzing the usage and effectiveness of different bundle patterns.

1. Test Period Analytics: Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) Pattern

  • Key Features: Offer a gift if one product is purchased at a regular price, mix and match items.
  • Bundles created: 1,051
  • Bundles sold: 15,497
Yoga accessories BOGO bundle example

2. Test Period Analytics: Collection Type Pattern

  • Key Features: Add multiple collections to the bundle, allowing customers to choose products from each collection.
  • Bundles created: 2,109
  • Bundles sold: 1,708
Kura car seat accessories collection bundle example

3. Test Period Analytics: Product Pack Pattern

  • Key Features: Display multiple items of the same product and its variants as one item.
  • Bundles created: 35
  • Bundles sold: 793
Vida Nova bowls 4x pack bundle example

4. Test Period Analytics: Standard Bundle Pattern

  • Key Features: Bundles made of two or more fixed products, with the flexibility to choose different product variants.
  • Bundles created: 724
  • Bundles sold: 7430

5. Test Period Analytics: Quantity Breaks Pattern

  • Key Features: Offer discounts based on the quantity of a single product purchased.
  • Bundles created: 142
  • Bundles sold: 158
Skin Republic patches quantity bundle example

6. Test Period Analytics: Mix & Match Product Pattern

  • Key Features: Allow customers to create their own bundles by choosing from interchangeable products and variants.
  • Bundles created: 124
  • Bundles sold: 152
Mix and Match example for fashion store

7. Test Period Analytics: Buy X Get Y Pattern

  • Key Features: Offer gifts and/or discounted items based on the purchase of specific products.
  • Bundles created: 17
  • Bundles sold: 148

8. Test Period Analytics: Buy X Get One Free Pattern

  • Key Features: Offer a gift if a certain number of products are purchased at regular prices, mix and match items.
  • Bundles created: 116
  • Bundles sold: 34

9. Test Period Analytics: Mix & Match with Optional Products Pattern

  • Key Features: Allow customers to create bundles with optional or required products, mix and match options.
  • Bundles created: 51
  • Bundles sold: 23

Analyzing the Results:

Based on the data, several patterns emerge as popular choices among merchants. The BOGO pattern stands out with the highest number of bundles created and sold, indicating its effectiveness in driving sales. The collection type pattern also showcases a significant number of bundles created and sold, demonstrating its appeal to customers who prefer a wider product selection.

When it comes to conversion rates, the Product Pack pattern exhibits remarkable effectiveness. Although it had a lower number of bundles created, its high sales figure suggests that customers appreciate the simplicity and convenience of purchasing multiple items as one pack.

Understanding Customer Preferences:

These statistics shed light on customer preferences and behavior. The mix & match patterns, both for products and optional products, indicate a desire for customization and personalization. Customers value the ability to curate their own bundles by selecting from a variety of products and variants.

The success of the BOGO patterns reveals that customers are attracted to offers that include free gifts or discounted items, motivating them to make a purchase. Additionally, the Quantity Breaks pattern highlights the appeal of quantity-based discounts, stimulating customers to buy more.

Recommendations for Merchants:

Based on these insights, we recommend merchants consider the following strategies:

1. Embrace bundle patterns that offer customization options, as customers value the ability to create their own unique bundles.

2. Experiment with BOGO patterns and quantity-based discounts to attract and engage customers.

3. Focus on creating visually appealing and easy-to-understand bundle presentations, as it helps customers visualize their purchases.

4. Leverage the mix & match concept to cater to customers seeking personalized bundles.

5. Consider the simplicity and convenience of the Product Pack pattern, as it can drive sales with minimal effort.


By shifting our approach from bundle types to bundle patterns, we have witnessed the power of customization, simplicity, and convenience in driving sales and enhancing the user experience. Through the analysis of usage data and customer preferences, we have gained valuable insights that can guide merchants in making informed decisions when creating product bundles. With the plenty of options available, creating product bundles has never been easier, and we are excited to continue supporting merchants in achieving their goals.

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