March 20, 2019

Fresh News: Instagram introduces checkout




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On March 19, Instagram announced introducing a checkout feature that allows people to buy products directly within the app. Who can use this innovation and how will it change your sales read below.

"When you tap to view a product from a brand’s shopping post, you’ll see a “Checkout on Instagram” button on the product page. Tap it to select from various options such as size or color, then you’ll proceed to payment without leaving Instagram. You’ll only need to enter your name, email, billing information, and shipping address the first time you check out.

Checkout on Instagram is currently in closed beta for businesses and available to people in the US".

The Checkout on Instagram feature is available in the US and only for a set of brands including Adidas, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Balmain, Burberry, ColourPop, Dior, H&M, Huda Beauty, KKW, Kylie Cosmetics, MAC Cosmetics, Michael Kors, NARS, Nike, NYX Cosmetics, Oscar de la Renta, Ouai Hair,  Outdoor Voices, Prada, Revolve, Uniqlo, Warby Parker and Zara, among others. More brands will be added in the days to come.

What will you get from these innovations?

You will get more free time and conversions. This innovation contributes to fast sales. Your customer will not have time to think "Do I need this product?". No time to think. What can happen in these 2 seconds while moving to the website? Everything that can distract your customer from the targeted action. So, we are waiting for implementing this feature to other countries and markets.

As soon as we will find out something about this, you will know this the first. Keep an eye on our news.

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