Shopify News (April, 2022 - February, 2023)

February 20, 2023


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Here is the news on the Shopify platform. You will learn about important changes, new features, and the latest Shopify updates.

1. Create Facebook Dynamic Ads in Shopify

Dynamic advertising on Facebook can be a good choice for your store if you have a lot of clients and you are looking for a conversion-oriented type of advertising. Now Shopify has implemented synchronization of your product catalog with Facebook, and from the admin panel you can easily set up the necessary dynamic advertising.

2. Image editing tool removed from Shopify admin

Now in the admin panel of Shopify, you can’t edit the images and photos that you add to the pages of your online store. The editor was quite simple, with a small set of functions, but still met the needs of many users. The Shopify developers comment about this situation as follows:

"We're working hard to find a replacement for the app. In the meantime, you can use image editing software or install an app from the Shopify App Store."

3. MailChimp and Shopify breakup

MailChimp decided to stop working with Shopify for personal reasons and asked to remove its app from the Shopify App Store. If you have installed MailChimp application in your store, then starting from May 12, 2019, it will no longer work.

To continue with marketing campaigns, it’s worth switching from Mailchimp to one more similar application. There are excellent alternatives that can help you with it, and most of them provide the tools and support to ensure a smooth migration process. We recommend paying attention to Klaviyo, a convenient application for the organization of email marketing.

4. New types of automatic discounts

The developers of Shopify have expanded the possibilities of providing automatic discounts to their customers. In addition to the previously implemented Buy X Get Y discount, you now have the opportunity to offer the discounts to your customers as a percentage or as a fixed amount of the order. The buyers will see these discounts in their shopping cart and at checkout.

5. New Google Pay features rolling out to all Shopify merchants

In the next few weeks, Shopify is going to introduce Google Pay, which will allow its customers to use data that is stored in Google accounts (address, billing information). The service automatically detects a registered client and displays Google Pay in order options.

Here is the following comment on the official site of Shopify :

“Rolling out in the next few weeks, we will be among the first commerce platform to debut a new feature of Google Pay. This update will allow customers to select their shipping method directly within Google Pay for the first time, greatly simplifying the checkout process.”

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